Why do strippers/hookers/slutty women love the see-through shoes?
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okay, clearly not the most important questioning that needs answering but why do hookers/strippers/women who want to convey they are 'slutty' love those clunky see through shoes?

While I understand short skirts and small tops as 'advertising' for us dense guys who might confuse them with DMV employees but why the popularity of the shoes? - is that so we (the dense guys we must be) can be absolutely certain that the skimpy dressed woman on stage next to the pole is a stripper - not to be confused with anyone else? Or the hookers I see on that HBO show - true in Europe also? Seeing toes is the clincher?

Some Cinderella psychology thing?
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Very, very flattering - they lengthen your legs with the high heel and platform, but there's no strap to break up the line. I'd imagine part of their attraction is that they go with every outfit - no coordinating shoes to costumes. It's also a circular thing - once they become the established 'stripper shoes', you choose them if you want to look like a stripper. I have seen strippers in other shoes and boots though, I don't think those shoes are so ubiquitous.

I'm answering this because I have a decent answer, but I think the tone of your question is a little off.
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no, sounds like a good answer - I apologize if my tone is off, I was just trying to convey I realize it's really not important at all but just curious - thanks!
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Can you find an example of the shoes you are talking about? I'm still a little unclear on what you mean.
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I assume he means something like this.
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Nothing says 'classy' like clear plastic.
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porn shoes
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After seeing the picture I think I'd have to go with crabintheocean's original hypothesis.

The super-long heel does have a very porn look to it as well, adding to the associative qualities as well as the elongating properties.
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I like crabintheocean's idea. And my god, I love these shoes. I have no idea why, but I just absolutely adore them (and have since I was very young).

IANAS/PS: I am not a stripper/porn star
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Also, there is a true fetish community surrounding these kinds of shoes. And to let you know, it's has less to do w/ the clear plastic and more to do w/ the platform and heel, much of which is attributed to the BDS&M community. I'm assuming because wearing those kinds of heels (which can be a challenge to walk in, let alone dance in and I am very capable on standard heels) either severely handicaps you're maneuverability for the submissive types or give the impression that one can inflict some serious damage for the doms.

IANAS/PS: I am not a stripper/porn star, I just live in SF, you know they're very "sex positive" around here.
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Chris Rock talks about stripper heels in Never Scared :)
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some people find nude feet very erotic.
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I only mention that because the clear plastic makes the foot look nude while complying with necessary footwear requiments.
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I think crabintheocean's got it. And of course, since they're definitely becoming known as stripper/porn shoes, that adds to the erotic appeal.
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I only mention that because the clear plastic makes the foot look nude while complying with necessary footwear requiments.

Yeah, those hooker unions are pretty strict on the OSHA regs!
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I would say that crabintheocean's has it as well. This did make me imagine a stripper in a pair of old canvas all stars though. Kind of a funny thought.
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Yeah, those hooker unions are pretty strict on the OSHA regs!

Footwear requirements needn't be rules. I was thinking, if you were a hooker, and you were wandering down the street, you wouldn't do it barefoot, would you? Because your feet would get dirty and wouldn't look as pretty.

And then, there's the slutty women and it's been a while since I went clubbing but there used to be rules about acceptable dress: no thongs (footwear), no singlets, no shorts. I imagine that to gain entry to a club, you'd need to have some shoes on.
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IANAS, but it's probably because they are easier to dance in. Hollow see through shoes are lighter than solid core shoes, but they are still sturdy.
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This question puts the big lebowski in a whole new light.
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I know heaps of dancers who don't wear those clear shoes anymore... They have graduated to super-expensive boots and otherwise dancing-friendly stilettos.

No. 1: Financial Reasons
The clear ones are sort of like "My First Stripper Shoes". They are expensive, but not as expensive as better-looking shoes. In short, they are the cheapest form of shoes available for stripping in.

No. 2: Practical Reasons
Remember: these shoes have hardcore non-slip bottoms... exotic dancers couldn't just put on any old pair of heels -- they have to be guaranteed not to slide.

No. 3: Psychological Reasons
When you put those shoes on, you feel like a stripper. To put yourself in the state of mind required to dance, tools are required. Stripper shoes are a powerful tool. The shoes elevate you and make you feel somewhat more removed from those who are not wearing the shoes. This may, empirically, be malarkey, but I have had conversations to this effect with friends in the industry.

No. 4: Aesthetic Reasons
They also align your body in such a way that your pelvis juts out, your spine curves seductively, and your shoulders stay back, pushing your breasts out.
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Notice how those shoes give a girl "Barbie Feet" (and barbie legs too!). They provide the high-heel shape while making the foot appear somewhat bare. I'm not saying guys want to sleep with Barbie (which they probably do), but that Barbie is iconographic for a lot of male desires.
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Exactly what crabintheocean said. I asked a stripper and she said it was simply because they matched every outfit.
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A friend of mine had to wear these shoes as a bridesmaid in someone's wedding. She wasn't very happy about it either.
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