Any other men had a blocked lymphatic vessel in their penis?
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So recently I've been having a lot of "vigorous" heterosexual, um, sex. Yay me; yay my partner. However, my penis is now sporting a little more backbone than usual. Of course there's...->

I noticed the other night that when my penis is erect that there is a very pronounced and hard...something, right underneath the skin on the top and center of the shaft, running alongside the veins there. It definitely wasn't there previously.

If feels very much like guitar string is implanted right underneath the skin. The main portion of it is about 2 inches long. It runs mostly aligned with the shaft, but it does have one branch that goes off to the side for about a 1/4 inch.

My first thought is that it was a vein, but it is colorless (at least compared to the veins it runs next too) and seems to be way too tough and hard to be blood vessel.

Once I noticed it when my penis was erect, I was keyed into the position of it and now I can also locate it/feel it when flaccid, although it's not as prominent then.

Some googling around brought up one description on a penile enlargement forum (sigh) that sounds exactly like what I have - a "guitar string" right underneath the skin. The poster related that it was diagnosed as a thrombotic (blocked, clotted) lymphatic vessel.

I have an appointment to see my doctor, of course, but I'm just looking to see if any other man out there has experienced this. Is this a minor thing that goes away on its own, or is it a harbinger of future wang woes?
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Well that's where the dorsal penile arteries run also. It could be a thrombosed artery (which would be extremely unlikely). If it is, however, insist on having your doctor perform a laboratory evaluation for hypercoagulable disorders.
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Getting advice on this here is something else. Talk to a doctor.
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Please don't forget to post a followup when you find out.
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Here is an excerpt from a Yahoo|health article on Peyronie disease:

Peyronie disease is a rare connective tissue disorder characterized by the development of fibrous plaques in the soft tissue of the penis of adult males. Affected individuals may experience pain, have cord-like lesions on the penis...
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I had that happen before. It came back a few times, but went away. I haven't had it happen in many years now. It was more common in my early 20s but now that I'm past 30, I haven't seen it since.

But go to the doctor anyway.
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The next post after this is similar, it's not a hair?
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This has happened to be before, just like you, after some vigorous sexual activity — prolonged high-school dry-humping (*sigh*).

I went to the walk-in; the doctor took a quick look at it and just said, "I wouldn't worry about it." Roughly a week later had gone down in size by about 3 quarters. After a month, everything was back to normal.

So what I'm going to say is, don't worry about it.
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