Help Me Find My Landlord!
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Help me find the contact information for my landlord in Sunnyvale, Ca

Three months ago I moved out of a house in Sunnyvale, CA. The landlord has still not returned my deposit. I would like to take him to court but have no idea how to contact him. The problem is, all money and paperwork was done through a woman who had lived in the house for years. She no longer returns my calls or my letters. I would like to take legal action but need to know the landlords contact information first. Is there a way I can find the owner of a parcel similar to this AskMe thread?
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Call the county registrar of deeds. If the county is sophisticated, they may even have a searchable website.
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You can get the billing address for the property tax at:
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I used the website tkolar reccommended, but the only contact info I have is for a PO Box for a city I know he doesnt live in (its a CA city and he lives somewhere in the South). Any other advice, or is this the best I can get from government documents?
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If he's your landlord, isn't his name on your lease? I'm not sure what "all money and paperwork was done through a woman who had lived in the house for years" means - did you sublet? If so, wouldn't she have your security deposit?
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His name is indeed on the lease, but no address or telephone number. Money and paperwork went through another tenant. IE, I would make a check out to the landlord for rent, as would all the other tenants. She would then mail him an envelope of all our checks.
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Call the attorney general's office for that area and see how to proceed then.
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If that tenant was the landlord's agent in the house, can't you take HER to court?
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Antifuse, I do not know, but I am very interested in whether or not I can. I would like to take them to court, as they are the ones stiffing me.
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