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Recommendations for beach vacation in Mexico in March?

My husband and I would like to take a short vacation in March to a beach somewhere in Mexico. We are interested in the idea of an all-inclusive resort, but we have the following reservations: 1) I'm a vegetarian, 2) we're not big drinkers, 3) we don't want to be completely cut off from local culture. On the other hand, we don't speak Spanish, we don't want to rent a car, and we want things to be as convenient as possible. Also, my husband wants to learn to surf. Any recommendations for places to go? I won't say price is no object, but we do want a high level of service and a feeling of luxury.
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we don't speak Spanish, we don't want to rent a car, and we want things to be as convenient as possible

This - and your location in Arizona - would suggest Los Cabos: expensive, full of Americans (and Mexicans) speaking English, gringo-levels of service. But no local culture to speak of.

If you want to surf, go to to Puerto Escondido - but that'd be a little more adventurous given your reservations.
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We don't speak Spanish

One-Day Spanish. 15 Minutes-A-Day Spanish.

we're not big drinkers

What about a spa kind of thing?

Here's one in Tulum, which is south of Cancun, and here's one in Los Cabos.
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This resort in Cabo looks awesome, and it has vegetarian options on the menu that don't stop at salad -- even seitan, tofu, legume/bean deluxe dinners. No idea about prices. Cabo does have surfing, not sure about the winter though. Also: deep sea fishing, scuba diving, nice beaches, a town with gringos.

I'd also recommend looking for a nice resort in Playa del Carmen. A cute town, great diving, perhaps some light surfing, nice beaches, good food. Almost anywhere deluxe in Mexico won't require Spanish.
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Here's the resort in Cabo.
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Here's a list of all-inclusives in Playa. No experience with any of them, but Trip Advisor will have some reviews.
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Cabo's got absolutely wonderful resorts, but one caveat: the beaches of most resorts aren't really swimmable, except right around the town proper, where they tend to cater to the beer-funnel crowd.

I've never been, but based on your criteria I'd agree that the Yucatan area might have more for you. Tulum, Playa del Carmen, et al, will have a little more local cultcha, more exotic spa options, and most likely better beaches.
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I'll 5th (or wherever we are) the trip to Cabo.
As a California native and first time Mexico visitor Cabo is really wonderful. I went with a friend April 2005 and stayed in San Jose Del Cabo and taxi'd to Cabo (about 30 mins but worth it for the peace and quiet) when we wanted to go into town. If you're looking for a quiet place to stay and only want the wild Cabo nightlife on your schedule, I'd reccomend staying outside Cabo. The city itself is pretty busy and touristy, but beautiful. Be sure to hit at least one timeshare presentation( you don't have to buy anything) for the free goodies. We got a bottle of Tequila, 2 tickets for jet ski's and a pirate ship dinner cruise just for walking thru a couple of hotels and listenting to their pitch. Totally worth it, just for the beautiful views you'll get from the hotel tours - plus you'll learn where the "no gracias beaches" are so you can avoid them. Have Fun!
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Wild Cabo nightlife = "beer funnel crowd" indeed.
Well said. :)
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My brother got married at Azul Beach. A great time was had by all. We went into Puerto Morales once for the rehersal dinner.
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Oh, I'm a vegetarian too, and that was no problem.
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We just got back from the El Dorado Royale near Cancun for a friend's wedding. It may not meet all of your criteria, but it was very luxurious, and we did have vegetarians with us that ate well. (It's the same company as Ironmouth's Azul Beach, I think.)

Even my sun-phobic mole-like husband enjoyed himself.
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My girlfriend and I've traveled a lot in Mexico and second the Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Yucatan recommendations. No car or Spanish is needed in that area. My girlfriend is a vegan and does okay foodwise. Both Tulum and Playa have hippy/backpacker roots and offer good options for the vegetarian eater as well as some of the best beaches around. I'd recommend skipping an all inclusive and staying in small hotel in Playa del Carmen and sampling the local restaurants, beaches, and sights.

I've written up my favorite places in that area here (warning - self link) and many of the restaurants I list are veg friendly. Have a great trip wherever you go.
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Wish I had seen this before when you posted it. My husband and I honeymooned at the Royal Hideaway in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and it was very grande. It's an all inclusive resort where you choose from up to 5 different on-site restaurants per night. My husband is a vegetarian, and we both thought the food was awesome. If you don't drink at all, though, the price probably assumes a certain amount of drinking you won't do, so that would not be great. I've seen that since we went and the hurricane hit, there are now some sandbags on the beach, but you'll see here that most reviews say this is not a big deal. My main reservation in recommending is the surfing request -- my husband and I both parasailed, but did not see alot of surfing on the beach when we went.

Anyway, hope you keep this in mind for next time, and that you had fun, wherever you went!
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