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Sackrashfilter- Guys help me out here: How to get rid of the dreaded sack rash? As you can guess there is

An embarassing problem. I have developed a bit of a sweaty rash on one thigh close to my balls. I fear exuberant sexual activity and lots of exercise has exacerbated the situation. I shower daily and make sure that I thoroughly clean the area (which is about half the size of a dollar bill) and dry it afterwards. I am wondering if there are any creams or applications that help clear this up. I know that talc sometimes dries the area but I am unsure if this necessarily helps get rid of this problem long term.

It is not an STD or anything like that, justchaffing I think.

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Hydrocortisone cream is commonly available over the counter. Pick some of that up and try it. If that doesn't work, you may have a fungal problem (given the moist environment, this seems likely).

In that case, get a tube of that vaginal cream used for yeast infections. Tell them it's for your lady. That stuff seems to work better than tough actin' tinactin, at any rate.
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Maybe you should also see a doctor?

I had this a few years ago. I think the "sweaty" part is a sign of a fungal infection. May doctor gave me a prescription that cleared it all up in a few days.
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Gold Bond is the doctor-recommended, off-the-shelf, after-the-shower, chafe-reducing powder that many choose to choose.

I'm still quite perpelexed and delighted about the triple-anony-balls queries, and the possibility that the same anonymous user might have posted them all, because that would be fantastic.

Doctor: Let me get this straight, anonymous: You've been having vigorous heterosexual sex, you've got a sack rash, AND you've got ingrown penis hair, and you've only just decided to seek help about all three today?
anon: I just...I just never took the time to look down there before.
Doc: And what about all that sex?
anon: It has to stop.

(Ohh this is not good manners.)
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Have you tried Gold Bond?
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it's a fungal infection, go see a doctor
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Thirding Gold Bond.

Go for the Yellow one or the lightish green one (I think it's medicated or something).

I had the same problem from football one year, a little gold bond on the coin purse really goes a long way.

Also try switching to boxer briefs or just briefs for awhile to alleviate some of the friction.
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It is not an STD or anything like that

It may not seem like one to him, but it's likely to be one for her (think yeast infection,) so be be a nice guy and fix it.
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Try the Lamisil jock itch spray, it stings like a mother but it is the best solution I have ever found for jock itch (which is what this sounds like to me. Also, once it gets cleared up start drying yourself with a hair dryer (really).

I've suffered through years of recurring jock-itch (like you, sex and physical activity, try to keep very dry but just didn't seem to work most of the time), I've tried Gold Bond and I've visited the doctor who prescribed a month's worth of Lamisil in pill form and nothing seemed to do the trick, recently my wife suggested the hair dryer treatment and I haven't had the itchies in months.

Good luck.
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Lamisil also comes in a cream. It works well and doesn't sting.
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If this is really just a sweat rash, and not something fungal or yeasty, you might get in the habit of tossing a little baby powder down there when you get out of the shower. It helps keep things dry and unchafed. (Gold Bond will do the same thing, really, but you might not be into the ball-tingling experience on a daily basis....)
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Assuming this is a simple sweat rash...

When embarking on sweaty activities, like long hikes, I wear boxer briefs made of synthetic material. Unlike cotton, they don't absorb the sweat, so your skin won't get damp which causes rashes. They sell some at Target.
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I've had that any number of times during the summer, esp when I've worked outside and sweated all day. It was suggested by a friend that I use the Lamisil spray, and wash with Hibiclens. You can get both at Walgreens (I hate that place, but it's the only store I know that carries both).

Wash with the Hibiclens during your shower. If I get a bad case, I'll take a half-bath (bottom half only) once or twice extra until the rash starts to subside.
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Tinactin AF (antifungal) worked like a charm for me. The important part is to use it regularly and for about a week after the symptoms stop.
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Don't use hydrocortisone. It might make you feel better for awhile, but it really is evil in a tube.

Besides hiding the symptoms of things like fungal infections (while allowing unimpeded growth), it also thins the skin--something really not good on your delicate parts (or hands/face for that matter.)

That aside, I've have a history of similar issues. Sometimes it's been your basic heat rash, and other times there has been a fungal component. If you do go the antifungal spray route, be sure to use for a full two weeks and to only spray on a very thin coating as miconazole (Tinactin, Lamisil Powder) macerates the skin in stronger doses--leaving your sack and thighs looking/feeling like a freshly zested lemon.
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I'm a girl, but when I get chafing I use diaper rash cream like Desitin.
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If it's fungus, try white vinegar.
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nenequesadilla is 120% correct on the NO HYDROCORTISONE thing. It's dangerous for this condition.

Treat it like jockitch, to be safe. DO use the blow-dryer*. DO make attempts to dress so you are more cool and ventilated down there. Try to stop using bar soap. The residue can aid the fungus.

There are tablets for bad cases, but not everyone can tolerate them. The pills gave me palpitations. Scary, when you're only in your early 20's! (this was a long time ago, before IBM made PCs).

Avoid scratching the itch, that makes it worse.

*Blow-drying: Carefully control the heat. Pay attention to what your body tells you. You want to be both dry and not sweating before you put on undershorts.
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it's a fungal infection, go see a doctor

Ironic. Yes, it may very well be a fungal infection, but not being a doctor nor having seen it in person, I don't know. So you probably should see one in case it is.
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