Ideas for Zune-style rubber coating my laptop?
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Does anybody know of how to give a even, translucent no-slip surface to exsisting objects, similar to the surface of the Zune?

Like the feel of the Zune (If nothing else), and think that it'd be great to have my laptop be that easy to hold onto. I've got a G3 iBook(Not one of the ice-books, the shell is solid white) - Ideally, I'd like to be able to put a Dazzle Camoflage type graphic on it, then give it this high-traction coating.
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I would try to find a spray-on form of RTV (room-temp vulcanising) silicone. I am fairly certain that an over-molded silicone is what's on the Zune. Put the color on first, clear-coat it, then put on the silicone.
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Just FYI - You are going to want to remove the shell before you apply a spray coating of any sort. Those areosol particles like to travel to really inconvenient places and computers offer a lot of tiny inconvenient places for them to hide out.
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You want tool dip, available clear and in a spray can. It will leave a grippy matte surface. You may have to use more than one coat.

There used to be a web page where an enterprising geek experimented with tool dip on various gadgets (game controller, mouse). Sounded like it worked OK.

I have no idea how well it would work as a fixative, meaning it might come off with the paint. Experiment first on something disposable.
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my treo has a skin from; offers great protection and a nice feel.
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Response by poster: Is this the tool-dip article you were mentioning, Ardgedee?
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Ooh. Has anyone tried one of those "bestskinsever" on a Macbook, I wonder?

The finger prints are driving me MAD.
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