What is a decent digital camera for 2006?
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Looking to upgrade my Canon A60 digital camera...

So, I bought a Canon A60 digital camera in November 2003, about this time three years ago. I've gotten some great use from it, but it's about on its last legs, I think.

I'd like to get a new camera that would be considered the 2006 equivalent. I'm looking for something around the same price (~200/300$ Cdn), with similar features. I'd like to be able to control things like shutter speed, aperture width, and exposure levels, but still be using something within the point and click price range.

Any suggestions?
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I am loving my Canon Powershot SD800 IS though I have not had it long enough to offer a serious review here. It is very customizable and has excellent low light and optical stabilization capabilities.
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The SD800IS gives you basically no control over shutter speed or aperture, other than manipulating the automatic exposure compensation.

Canon continues to make good cameras. Sounds like something in the A series that's in your price range would be a good replacement. Check to confirm your desired features before you buy.
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Have an S1 IS that I love. Larger body than the A series but has more options as well. Manual focus, macro lenses available, waterproof case for underwater shots, great video capability, etc. The more recent versions of this (think they are up to the S3 IS) have much higher resolutions and cool new features like full res snapshots while recording video.

If you're happy with your current camera stick with Canon. You won't have to re-learn all of the basic settings, as they all seem to be fairly similar in the menu options, computer interface software and so forth.
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The Canon A530/540 are the direct descendants of your A60. If you're willing to spend a little more the A630/640 have a swing out LCD like the G series, and have more Mpixels. If you can find some new old stock A610/620s, they could probably be had for about the same money as the 530/540 and would be a great buy (the 630/640 replace them).
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If you like Canon, I second the A540/A530 suggestion (although the Nikon L6 is worthy competition). I spend all day selling cameras, had the Canon A70 (similar to yours), and can answer with more details if you have any more particular questions.

The only thing I dislike about the A540 is the screen: it is big, but it has a fairly low resolution. Other than that, though, it has has manual, aperture priority, and shutter priority that you're looking for.

If you really want to upgrade, any A6** would be a nice improvement. The best of the A series right now would probably be the A710 IS, which clocks in around $400 with a 6x zoom, 7 megapixels, and image stablization. The S3 IS is still around $400, has a 12x zoom, image stablization, etc. It's bigger, but it depends on what you want.
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