Trade games online?
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Best place to trade used video games online?

I have a few old PS2 video games that I wanted to get rid of. Rather than sell them on eBay or trade in at a local game shop, I was wondering what is the best online site that allows members to trade games with other members? (Similar to sites like Peerflix that let members trade DVDs.)
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I used Game Trading Zone several years ago, and have recently learned about BarterBee via Diggnation. I would use GTZ again if I ever needed to get rid of some games.
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I've used ZunaFish in the past and was on the fence about them. I did 3 trades (2 PS2 games and 1 GameCube game) and all trades completed successfully.

They seem to be getting better (they finally have email notifications) but I wasn't thrilled with the cost. $1 to ZunaFish, $2 for the proper envelope, and $2 for the postage to complete a trade. On the plus side, their printable mailing labels are smart, but I would rather pay $3/trade if they would mail me a mailer with postage attached.

Since everything is sent media mail, it takes a while. Aside from the price, my only other problem with the service was that I had some kid's dad emailing me every day to say "We haven't gotten your game yet, are you sure you sent it out?" because he thought I was a scammer. I don't know if that's an isolated incident or if it's something that happens everywhere, but it definitely made me consider selling my games and using the money to get a GameFly subscription instead of using a trading service.
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Response by poster: $1 to ZunaFish, $2 for the proper envelope, and $2 for the postage to complete a trade.

Hmmm. That kind of cost doesn't seem to be a compelling alternative to selling the game(s) to my local EBGames, Gamestop, etc.
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I think you can trade on Titletrader. That site is more geared towards posting an inventory online, having others request your stuff, and giving you points to request other people's stuff. It's not directly trading, per se. It is free, though.
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