Looking for a descriptive music name
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Can you tell me what type/genre of music this is?

I'm interested in hearing some more but don't know what to ask for. Fast paced with spoken, almost shouted, staccato delivery of the lyrics might not cut it at the music store. Language doesn't matter. Bonus points for band names. Double bonus points for leads to the origins of this type of music (the hard stuff - I'm guessing Romany).
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Syrano (site down as I write), who is playing on that page, is often described as 'Chanson-Rap'.

You could try asking fans on his forum for suggestions and you can hear a few more tracks here.
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It reminded me of Les NĂ©gresses Vertes.
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Louise Attaque, Yves Jamait, Les TĂȘtes Raides...
Check-out this album from Louise Attaque.
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I love love love the Louise Attaque album that rom1 recommends. (It's also called "Louise Attaque.")
I've always assumed the origins of their music are Celtic. I just did my research though and found that the band is from Paris, not the Celtic parts of France, so who knows, maybe it is Romany in origin?

If you like the punk-ish thing, you might enjoy Gogol Bordello.
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