Direct me to the weird and quirky of Highway 1.
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What are some quriky/oddball sites along Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

I'm going to be taking a two day drive up Highway 1 in early December and I've pretty much covered the "normal" things to do. But I'm sure there are tons of quirky alternative things to do and see along the lines of Roadside America and Weird US. I'm already aware of things like the Madonna Inn, Nit Wit Ridge and Bubblegum Alley in SLO. Any other good ones out there?
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The Santa Cruz Mystery Spot?
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Santa Cruz in general is a bit strange. I live here.

Another vote for Mystery Spot.
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What Fandango_Matt said. Highway 1 is beautiful but best consumed in small cunks. The long stretches north of San Simeon where it is literally a ledge on a cliff over the Pacific Ocean can be a bit stressful, particularly in the dark or in bad weather. (But at least you're driving north, so you've got the southbound lane between you and oblivion!)
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Not quite wierd or quirky... but Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP is a must. One of the most photogenic spots I have ever seen. And is only a 2 minute hike from the parking area.
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Gaudalupe has excellent restaurants,Guadalpe's and the Far West, very yum. Call ahead to make reservations to soak in the hot springs at Esalen twenty miles north of Treebones Resort.
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There's Ostrich Land in Buellton and Neverland Ranch near Los Olivos.
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Pt Lobos is a nice marine headland type place. One of the more interesting points on the globe I've seen.

Bean Hollow S.B. is my favorite spot between Santa Cruz and S.F.
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Ano Nuevo State Reserve is one of the world's largest Elephant Seal breeding colonies. Its starts to kick off in December and its an amazing spectacle. You might need to book a guided walk because they won't let you wander during the breeding season and its pretty popular. Be warned, its stinks of seal crap and if you are travelling with small kids they might find some scenes disturbing.
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