DJ Isso Concrete Green
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When I was in Tokyo last year I bought a CD from a dude in a stall in Shibuya called Concrete Green by DJ Isso. Does anyone know anything about DJ Isso, or the rappers that appear on the CD?

This CD has to be one of the coolest things I bought in Japan. I guess extra points if you can recommend more hip-hop similar to the stuff on this CD.
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I was about to say something like "if MeFi can find 'a dude in a stall in Shibuya I willl be really impressed," but then I noticed that you can buy a few of these CDs online.
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Yeah I found the CDs online already. They're available at a few places. I'm really just looking for info on what the story is with these dudes. Have the rappers done work with other people, shit like that.
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Sorry no idea. If you give me directions to the stall I'll go ask. :D
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