the police and the wtf?
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What are the lyrics of the Metric song Police and the Private about? Drug addiction? Prostitution? Post-9/11 security? I have listened to it 50 times and it's driving me completely nuts; I can't figure it out. The last lines seems to undo the above meanings.
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Trust and Love, and how we contribute to a lack of these by participating in a society that lacks trust and love.

I think one of the key lines is, "My friend is coming clean, she told me"

"Coming clean" is another way of saying telling the truth.

References to a police state are another way of talking about the "conspiracy" over a lack of trust. The chorus refers to mother, but the last line suggests we are all orphans. We are orphans because we are all alone in a world with out love and trust.
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Thank you. That does make a lot more sense than anything I had heard in it previously, but the idea of alone-ness in a world where trust is not important to so many people - that does make a lot of sense. Thank you!
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