Simple flash games for kids?
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What are some great super-simple flash games -- especially car games, but anything else fun works -- for a 5-year-old to play?
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Time to head over to, home of Captain Underpants and other new kid clasics.
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Flash games at
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This helicopter thing (posted to the blue the other day) is great, and it's a one-button game. It's a lot of fun and a five year-old could probably get the hang of it... they probably can't be any worse at it than I am.
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Starts off easy, but gets very difficult. Should keep a 5yr old busy for, well, ever.
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My 5 year old son likes Penguin Baseball.
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Kitten Cannon is sure to tickle a 5-year old's fancy. At least the Pugsley Addams part of his fancy...
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Bilbanan is a great Spanish race track game that even lets you build your own courses and lets you play either against the computer or head to head. I've been playing this for years.
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Say what you like about Disney and branding, but Disney Playhouse and Disney Blast (sub. req) are excellent sources of safe computer entertainment.
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stupid internet. That Disney Playhouse link goes to a trap page -- what was meant was Playhouse Disney. My apologies.
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