Tattoo studio in Chicago?
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recommend a tattoo studio in chicago (mi)

i just want something that is definitely clean -- my design is not anything intricate, and can easily be done in one session.

oh, and i live on the north side of town.
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I've had 2 done at Jade Dragon. Huge studio. They're way out west on Belmont...around Laramie, I think. They're as clean as you get.
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I found thislist on citysearch. I really have no clue if those rankings are worth anything but maybe it'll give you some ideas. Swank (Chicago Tattoo Company) and Medusa's Circle are each within a block of Clark and Belmont if you want to check them out sometime. Wow, I never knew Medusa's Circle was also a parlor...their clothes are awesome...
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Response by poster: thanks :) i've seen the billboards for jade dragon, but i wasn't sure about their rep -- knowing that it's really as clean as they say means a lot.
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I've had two done at Chicao Tattoo Company. While I thought they were a little over-priced, they're good and friendly. And the neighborhood is (used to be) a good time - stop in at the Punk Rock Dunkin Donuts on the corner!
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Check out Deluxe Tattoo on Irving Park. The owner, Ben Wahhhh, is well respected in the tattooing industry, and he does tremendous work.

(I haven't gotten a tattoo from him, but I'm an acquaintence of his. He was profiled in the Reader last year sometime, too.)
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stop in at the Punk Rock Dunkin Donuts on the corner!

Punkin' Donuts ;)
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