Reheating Roast Potatoes?
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Travelling with roast potatoes - reheat or part-cook?

I am eating thanksgiving at a friend's house this afternoon, and we decided to split the cooking between three of us. I am taking roast potatoes, roast parsnips, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Roast potatoes/parsnips are best straight out of the oven, IMO, while crispy. What would yield the best results - completely cooking them at my house, then reheating them in the oven at her house, or part-cooking them at my house, then finishing them off at her house? I am wondering if reheated roasties will be too crispy, or if something weird will happen if I part-cook, cool, then finish cooking them.

Any experience mefites? Thanks!
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i'd vote for reheat. do most of the work at home.
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Yeah, I think you'd be fine par-boiling them, letting them cool then roasting at your friend's house. At the pub where I work we par-boil them, freeze them, and then roast them once they've thawed, and they turn out just fine!
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Oh that's with potatoes and parsnips btw!
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Par boil. In the food service indusrty you can buy 'em like that, they call it "value added."
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Finish them off at your friend's house. Reheated roasted potatoes, while good, are never as good as straight out of the oven. Parboil at home, roast at friend's house.
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If you choose to parboil, make sure you get them very, very dry. If they're at all waterlogged, they'll never crisp up. I'd probably roast (at a lower temp; maybe 375) them until they were about halfway cooked, then finish them in a hot oven (425-ish) so they finish roasting and crisp up.
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You also may want to verify that there will be available oven real estate.
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Forget boiling. Microwave them -- much faster and doesn't get them all wet. Then roast them briefly to get them crispy.
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Whatever you decide, first call ahead to your friend's home and check for oven space availability.
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Thanks guys! Oven space is guaranteed, she has a second oven in the guest house that is all mine. I have parboiled them, roasted them part way at 375 until pale, and I will finish them off there at a higher temp. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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