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Nintendo+YoshiFilter: Help a frustrated gamer with the first castle on Yoshi's Island DS.

I'm stuck in the first castle on Yoshi's Island DS- right past the mid-point ring and the wheels of spiked balls where you can pick up a baby Mario coin. Where I'm stuck is just before the large expanse of lava that has the weighted wheel of platforms: where if you stand on them, you swing down. There appears to be some kind of line between the lines of coins where something would appear, but nothing to trigger it, and I've tried everything I can think of.

There's no walkthrough posted on the web that I can find, and no one else I know has the game, so I'm getting frustrated. How the heck do I get across all that lava?

Thanks for your help, AskMeFi!
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Not in any way dismissing your question, but: you might find a more targeted audience on the IGN Boards for Yoshi's Island DS.
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Best answer: I just went back there for you.
Keep jumping on the platforms. It's like a machine that moves forward on a track. If you stand on the rightmost one and keep jumping up to catch the one above, it'll move to the right.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much!
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