Shopping for a beanbag chair
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I live in a bigger place now, and I'm fond of bean bag chairs. The Sumo was recommended to me, but I don't remember from where (although I know it wasn't Penny Arcade). Can I get some recommendations for beanbag chairs, such as what to look for or brands worth examining?
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I'd recommend the Love Sac, but "it's not a damn bean bag!" Got one in my basement, and it's the biggest, most comfy giant sack of slouching comfort you'll ever encounter.
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The sumo is a ripoff of the fatboy which is the greatest beanbag chair of all time. I got one a few months ago to support my playstation habit, but being a 35 yr old woman, I needed something that was "adult". This sucker stands, sits, it wraps around your body and gives back support....I'm sure the sumo is similar, I just had to give a holla for the original.
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As an alternative, and to save money, you could try to try to make one yourself, you know, if you're crafty enough.

The one problem you might run into, though is trying to find the foam (like me :x)
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Another nod for the Fatboy. We're actually getting them for my office.
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I'll second the Love Sac. They're not technically bean bags, but they fill the exact same role and are a lot more comfy.
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Corrected link for the Love Sac. I know they have store fronts around, hopefully you'll be able to give one a try.
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I know Rob over at Cockeyed reviewed the Sumo chair. Is that what you're thinking of?
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It was reviewed a bit back at Weebl's Stuff (which might be what you're thinking of) and they seemed to like it. I'm personally not so sure.
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I thought of you, Mozai, when I saw this FPP. The furniture isn't really beanbags but it's pretty interesting and a similar idea. I don't really think of the Sumo products as beanbags. They look like really big cushions to me. tkolar's corrected Love Sac link has some beanbags as I understand them: big fat things. So, I thought you might be open to stoney-looking stuff like the FPP.
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Not a fan of the Sumo. You can't flop down on it - you kind of have to mold it to your body. Even then, it isn't terribly comfortable. Spend any time in one, and you'll wind up wishing you had a real beanbag chair.
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