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I've read somewhere on the internets that listening to jazz or classical music during mealtimes can allay the appetite, but I can't find the study/research paper on the google.

Please help me locate this document.
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Found on
While Eating: As you’re eating your meal, music can also be a helper. Soothing music can trigger the relaxation response, which can lower cortisol levels, making it easier to digest food. Also, studies have shown that classical music in particular can help you eat less, digest better, and enjoy your food more. (ha.) has this article on obesity where this crops up:
Acupressure and acupuncture can also suppress food cravings. Visualization and meditation can create and reinforce a positive self-image that enhances the patient's determination to lose weight. By improving physical strength, mental concentration, and emotional serenity, yoga can provide the same benefits. Also, patients who play soft, slow music during meals often find that they're eating less food but enjoying it more.
No direct links, but these may be starting points for you.
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You can try searching for biomedical research journal papers at PubMed.
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In case you're curious about the effects for yourself, beyond wanting to find the published study... I'm generally skeptical of all the studies that link "classical music," "jazz music," or any similarly broad genres of music to a particular effect in humans. I think if you substitute "any music or media that engages the brain" or "music that makes you feel alive or 'satisfied,' whatever its genre," you can take advantage of the broader logic that mental distraction and emotional fulfillment could both equal unconscious reduction in hunger... and/or positive reinforcement of an intent to eat less.
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