country/country-punk bands in Boston
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Are there any good country/country-punk bands in Boston?

I moved to Boston from Missouri and Kentucky. One of the things I miss most is good, local country-punk bands. Are there any that play Boston regularly? Are there any bars where I could go and expect to hear country or country-punk? I'm especially missing a great band from my St. Louis college days called the Round-Ups.
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You might want to check out Slim Jim and the Mad Cows (although they're country-metal).
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The only band that pops into my head is Reverend Glasseye. Not exactly country punk, maybe more gypsy punk, but I've seen them live and it's a great show whatever you call it.

Also these may be helpful: WMBR in Cambridge has 3 different country (etc) shows on Saturday mornings from 8-noon. WZBC in Chestnut Hill has Sunday Morning Country. Both stations will surely mention local shows and neither play mainstream country.

As for bars, I know the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Johnny D's and Kirkland Cafe in Somerville are all places that often have country/bluegrass (etc) bands. Oh and definitely Toad in Porter Square.
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I second Toad. I don't know if it's policy or coincidence, but both times I've gone there, they've had some kickass bluegrass going down.
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Speaking of Glasseye... Although they don't come to Boston too often you need to check out Slim Cessna's Auto Club. They claim they're from Denver, but Slim was a Boston Boy for a number of years and tours Boston and Providence about once a year.
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The Burren in Davis Square used to do Rockabilly nights, and seemed to have a wide range of Southern-influenced live music a great deal of the time. Their website seems unhelpful for the music schedule, but they may be worth checking out.

If you sign up for Bloodshot Records' mailing list, they'll send you postcards when their acts are in your area. (They have exclusively "insurgent country" artists.) I used to get cards for 1-2 shows per month when I lived in Cambridge.
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Mark Erelli is a local who plays out some (He'll be at Club Passim on December 16). Also, I don't know if bluegrass is your cup of tea but there's a thriving bluegrass scene here. Check out the Boston Bluegrass Union for gig listings and other stuff.
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