Please help me recall an old arcade game I played as a kid.
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Please help me recall an old arcade game I played as a kid.

The only things I can remember are:

- You played as a pirate and the game revolved around fencing.

- It was at least two player co-operative against many computer controlled enemies.

- Played like a typical side scrolling beat-em-up except that there was a button to change which direction you were facing. I assume this was to allow you to back away from an enemy while still pointing your sword at him.

- I played this at Chuck E. Cheese's around 1990-ish.

Thanks in advance for any help, this has been stumping me for quite a while now!
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I remember a version of this for the old Apple ][, but am not sure if there was an arcade version.

...looking for links about this game, coming up empty...
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Arrrr!!! Avast there, ye scurvy knave. Skull & Crossbones be the game ye seek.
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Hey, leave me out of this.
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(Apologies for being OT, but the question looks pretty answered.)

Dr. Wu: I thought the same thing! (And then re-read the description, and realised it probably wasn't (not side-scrolling, for a start.))

But if you're interested, here's a screenshot, from a site with Apple ][e emulators and ROMs. (Your legality may vary.)
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I played through this game last night and discovered that the second or third level features...


So is this game the earliest reference to pirates vs ninja's?
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That reminds me, I registered when I was drunk and haven't really figured out what I am going to do with it.
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