Reccommend a dentist in NYC who takes insurance?
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Reccommend a dentist in NYC who takes insurance?

I adore my dentist but I just got insurance and need to save the $700/year. Would like someone nice, with gentle hygenists, you know, the usual.
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No one simply "takes insurance." Different doctors take different types of insurance. Depends if you want to go in network or out, etc.
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Response by poster: Yes, I understand, I have seen doctors before. I have to start somewhere. If someone has a dentist they love, I will call and see if they take my insurance.
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Best answer: My last two dental appointments have been with Dr. Sandip Sachar in midtown Manhattan. I have nothing but praise for her and her hygienists. The insurance plans she accepts are listed here.
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More, more! Anyone taking Oxford Freedom Plan Select, specifically? (Sorry for the hijack.)

agregoli: many dentists here, most of the decent ones, simply don't "take insurance" because that means accepting bargain basement insurance rates. They would take cash from insurance companies, sure, but then you have plans like my up-is-down "freedom" plan that do not offer any benefit outside their ghetto network. Inside the network, you better believe the dentists don't do standard cleanings, amalgam fillings, etc. and will find a way to charge more than the official rates. It is a scam, on all sides.
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I love my dentist... and has very liberal insurance acceptance policy (I think in many cases he will accept whatever the out of network pays) In five years of seeing him for cleanings, a couple of fillings, and a root canal, I've paid him nothing out of pocket (first on a Cigna plan, now on Guardian). I'll be paying $425 for a crown in couple of months. He's cool, has a new office with television screens over the chairs, and his hygenist and office staff are awesome. Dr. Stewart Lantner near Columbus Circle. Many of my friends go to him, too.
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I've just had my incisors variously capped and veneered by Dr. Peter Silver, the Jazz Dentist, and he's been terrific. He takes MetLife and Guardian, and will fill out and submit paperwork for other insurers. He also works with CapitalOne Healthcare Finance to offer financial assistance.
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I've suggested Dr. Tim Wong before. He's the bees' knees. Be sure to check out his paintings!
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Dr. Stuart Neidle is awesome. Very, very nice staff, owie-free cleaning, nice office, the whole deal. His office is way downtown, don't know if that's convenient. He definitely takes Oxford, which is what I have. His number is 212-693-3777.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much everyone! These are more responses than I expected. You all just rock.
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Response by poster: I decided on Dr Sachar not because there is a best answer to be determined without visiting all of them but by judging a book by its cover. I wanted a woman, her website is thoroughly convincing, and her receptionists are unusually nice, helpful (they actually did call me when I asked to be called if there were cancellations), and resourceful (they can look up your insurance over the phone and explain it to you). So I made an appointment.

As she is on leave right now I saw her cover, but both the cover and the hygenist, though both nice, have the philosophy that faster is better. For those who do not enjoy the dentist's chair this is great. However I prefer a thorough and calm approach to make me feel that they've seen everything. I asked the hygenist why she wasn't doing certain things that my last dentist did and she explained why not, so it's fine if she's right. And, when usually the dentist comes in and her touch is surprisingly gentle, the cover was rough, rushed, and not calm. This of course refelcts on her and not Dr Sachar. It's also just a different approach than what I'm used to, and there weren't any actual problems. It was just a bit uncomfortable and tense for me.

But I'll endure it to have it covered by my insurance. I think. I love going to the dentist. We'll see if this erodes that at all.
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