Xmas gifts for toddlers
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What should I get for a 1 year old girl and a three year old boy for Christmas? They don't live in same house and can't share gifts.
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What's your budget?
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Oompa.com has lots of nice wooden toys and sweet stuffed dolls. Anything from there should be great.
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I just gave my newly 3-year-old nephew some hot wheels cars and a carrying case and he was totally delighted and didn't even want to stop playing with them to open other presents.

We also have a 1-year old nephew (just turned one) ... gifts that went over well with him are a toy drum (I think it's PlaySkool, and it doesn't make much noise), stuffed animals, toys that make fun noises and songs. I would browse some toy aisles and check out things for 12+ months.

Also story books and cartoon DVDs are always lots of fun. What about Fraggle Rock on DVD?
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You didn't give your budget, so I'll just throw this out there. This Geotrax train system (and the associated add-on tracks, ramps, buildings, etc.) is pretty awesome and makes me wish I was a kid again. Perfect for 2-4 year old kids.
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Another thought depends on where these kids live. Are they going to get snow this winter? If so, what about a fun little sled or a snowsuit?
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Response by poster: Hi thanks for all the great responses - I think I'll get the wooden tea set from oompa.com (what a great website) and as for the boy... still working on that

still working on the boy... he has so many cars already...

I should have said my budget is $50 or less. He likes to play chef - I found a wee spice rack for him by Melissa and Doug but it doesn't cost much. Still thinking of a way to supplement that gift. Maybe a wee apron. Anyone seen one/
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Kid K'nex are fun for boys - they can build neat things with them. My son really likes them. Matchbox has some great self contained boxes that fold out into cool play areas too. Art stuff is always good for both boys and girls - an endroll of newsprint (usually available for a couple of bucks at your local newspaper) can provide lots of paper for all the drawings and paintings. For the girl, the toy tea set sounds great, my kids all started playing kitchen when they were around 1.5 to 2 years old.

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"If you Give a Moose a Muffin" is a book that my three year old absolutely adores.
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Oh, for a three-year-old chef, how about a "chopping" play set? It's some lovely fruits and veggie slices carved from wood and attached to each other via velcro. Comes with a (blunt) wooden knife. My son got the biggest kick out of this toy when he was younger.

Another variation.
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Forgot to add, re apron: if you happen to live in an area with a Michael's Crafts (big chain in the US), they sell little kid-sized canvas aprons of various colors. That plus some fabric paint and you've got a personalized apron.
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Lego Duplo bricks!

Kids love Legos, their parents love Legos, Legos make kids smarter, and even if they already have the exact same set, they will still enjoy your gift. (Because they can use it to build something entirely different.)

Duplo is the version of Lego made for under 5 year old kids, and the bricks still interlock with regular Lego blocks, so they can keep using them as they get older.

shop by age at Lego.com
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You cannot go wrong with Tolo Toys. Seriously, these toys are awesome.
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My one year old loves books with little flaps in them; also small stuffed animals; pictures (how about a children's photo album). One thing to remember, at that age they really don't relate people to presents or presents to christmas or birthdays. Everything is just random events and things to them that they enjoy fleetingly. At a given moment, they can have as much fun chewing on a piece of cardboard as they can playing with the coolest modern toy ever made. So don't get too uptight about choosing just the right present.

The three year old will be more discerning.
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I have a three-year old boy. His favorite things at the moment are water pistols. dinosaur toys and dinosaur books, toy drills, a toy lawn blower (Craftsmen and Home Depot make really cute toy tools). He also loves Lego's and anything Superman.

I bought a toy cooking set from Crate and Barrel a few years back for a little kid. Crate and Barrel doesn't seem to carry it any longer, but here is something similar. Good luck!
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Before I had children, when I needed a gift for a wee one, I would visit the toy aisle, look for a child about the same age. Ask the adult with the child for some suggestions, it usually was the child that would select the gift for me. Made them feel quite important!
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The toys jamro links are awesome! My nephews love them!
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Seconding Geo Trax! You can add to the system every birthday & holiday - + it's great fun. We've had the toys for several years - the one year old liked it & the 9yo still plays with it (amazing longevity for a toy!), and it's never breaks like some other train systems do.

Otherwise, wooden blocks for the one-year old. I think the chef Emeril makes aprons sized for kids (or try Ebay).
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