hotel necessities?
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What should we bring to a hotel?

My boyfriend and I are going to stay at a hotel this weekend. And probably not leave the hotel room.

Other than condoms and red wine, what should we bring with us?

The room has a kitchen (refrigerator, stove, microwave only is what I gather from the layout on the webpage) - what kind of food would be good "weekend at a hotel" cuisine?

Any other suggestions? Has anyone had experience with this particular chain of hotels?
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Scented candles - makes the room smell better.
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My standard "indoor picnic" requires going to a Whole Foods or specialty market and getting some combination of: baguettes, good cheese (usually St Andre or some other creamy French cheese, and a blue cheese, and a hard-ish cheese like cheddar or gruyere), pate, cornichons, olives, pears or apples, dark chocolate. Sometimes also prosciutto or other thinly sliced meat. And red wine, of course.

They all tend to keep pretty well, and are good grazing foods.

Maybe also a big box of clementines or tangerines or other winter citrus fruit.
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I'd bring sweats. Although a lot of your time, I gather from the items you plan on bringing, will probably be spent sans clothes at some point a comfy pair of sweatpants and tshirt will probably be very welcome.
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Music and a way to play it.

Make sure you checked that FAQ regarding amenities they DON'T include - few personal care products, no dish soap.

Microwave popcorn, soda and candy if you feel like doing the cheesy movie thing in between, uh, using your condoms.

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I'd add one item to Occhiblu's grocery list: Fig Spread goes great with St. Andre. (and figs are often considered an aphrodisiac)
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High quality herbal bubble bath.
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bubble bath
bottled water
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I'll second most of the other suggestions made so far (esp. cheese and other light/quick munchie-type foods).

In addition to your regular personal items, you might want to bring some sort of lotion or massage oil, if either of you like giving or receiving massages. In addition to the purely sensual aspect of it, if you spend a lot of time in the bath/shower (also enjoyable) it can keep your skin from getting dried out. Hotel soaps always do a number on mine.

Comfy clothes, like sweatpants and a long-sleeved T-shirt, would definitely be good for lounging around the room and not getting too cold. Extra underwear, too.
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During a similar hotel room only weekend, we brought a lot of the things mentioned above - candles, lotion, bubble bath, sweats. One thing that we didn't bring and had to break the love-in for was WATER. We were so dehydrated and went through more water than I could have imagined.

Also, if you're a wordy type, crossword puzzles in bed are fun.
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How about a comfortable blanket from home? Most people feel icky about hotel bedspreads, and since you'll be spending plenty of time in bed, it can be nice to have that familiar touch.

Bring real silverware and a wine-opener so you don't have to go hunting for utensils. The wine-opener may seem like a no-brainer, but better to be reminded than have to drive around to gas stations.
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Slippers or flipflops. Lots of guest walk barefoot on the carpet and they don't "sanitize" it after each use. In my business travel I used to pick up awful cases of atheletes foot until I started packing protection.
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Condoms, dental dams, latex gloves and apparently bio-hazard suits.
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At least one kind of good quality lube.

I was going to advise bringing a couple of Totino's party pizzas (the best post-coital snack EVER), but they don't appear to have ovens there, just stoves. Order a pizza, I guess, to have on hand.
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Er...AA batteries?
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Boxing gloves
Magic Markers
Tooth picks
Floor Waxer...

Really, all you need is yourselves and a credit card. If you get hungry you can always order pizza or other delivery food.
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Don't bring candles. You'd probably be far too busy with each other to properly mind them. It's ok to burn your own house down, but starting a fire in a building you share with hundreds of other people is not cool.
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Carrot sticks, celery - something refreshing, crunchy, and not junk foodish.
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A video camera with a tripod, lots of tapes
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