Help me make Greasemonkey play nice with Firefox (and Gmail)
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Gmail-Hack-Attack-Filter: I installed the Greasemonkey script for Gmail as spelled out here, and it works just super-awesome, except for one thing...

When I try to bring up the Greasemonkey help menu (by hitting "?"), it only brings up part of it. In FF 1.5 it brought up the top half, but the bottom half fell off the screen and I couldn't figure out how to scroll it up. Now, in FF 2.0, its falling off the top half of the screen, so I only see the bottom half of the Greasmonkey overlay. Gmail in the background still appears as normal.

Any ideas?
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Ask here.
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Perhaps Mihai Parparita's blog post on his updated scripts can help. I never got the "?" shortcut to work in earlier versions of the script, but it's now been moved to both "?" and "H" (for Help) for everyone's convenience.

That script is great, and once you memorize the shortcuts, it's indispensable.
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