IRS yippiyuck wants my meager bucks.
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IRS-filter: I need a good tax lawyer in San Francisco.

When I was 18, I received some awful help with my taxes (not from a professional) that ended up causing a miscalculation in the range of $1k. I've moved around a lot since that time, and was surprised when the IRS recently mailed me with threats. Since then, they've also layered on a good $2000 in penalties and interest. Having no confidence in being able to work this out for myself, I'd like to hire a competent tax attorney to make sure this gets handled properly.

I'm happy to pay what I owe and take my lumps for being a stupid kid who didn't know how to handle money. However, the fees and threats are giving me pause.

Do you know a good tax lawyer in San Francisco? Can you refer them based upon a positive personal experience?
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She's not a lawyer, but I got some wonderful help from Sherri King Tax Services in Noe Valley a few years back when I was in a similar situation. Her contact info is here. Good luck!
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i'm a tax lawyer. to properly represent you would likely cost almost as much, if not more, than you owe. go with a reputable cpa from a small firm or an enrolled agent. some law schools have tax clinics where students provide tax representation for smaller matters such as this. a tax lawyer that charges so little as to justify his or her representation in a matter such as this is likely not very competent.
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