Help name a new Graphic Design studio!
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Help name a new Graphic Design studio!

Surely all you budding hive designers have a stash of potential names somewhere? This has been killing me for the past week. Its such a struggle to come up with something creative, yet something that will be taken seriously, especially when its something so personal that you will have to live with for a potentially long time.

Existing names we love: A Practice for Everyday Life, Graphic Thought Facility, McSweeneys, The Alan Parsons Project . 'We've come for your daughters' has a certain ring to it, but just wouldn't sound right while answering the phone. Everything else has ended up sounding like a terrible 80's political punk band. Please help! We will bake you cookies.
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Anti-alias Smith and Jones
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...that's got a ring to it.
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Tell us something about your studio. Who will your likely clients be? What's your background? Where do you live (country, city)? etc
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just remember: KISS.

And as a graphic designer, I assume you'll be designing the name around the mark - you have a wonderful opportunity here which you'll never have in your client work.
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Ultra Bodonis
Pica Poles Out
Ben Day Studios
Liveline Studio
Two Men and an iMac
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Don't be clever. Don't be dated. Use a name that is easily remembered and fits you. Check on domain name availability before final decision.
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LongDrive Design
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Cutesy names bring strip mall hair salons (Shear Delight, Mane Attraction, Curl Up & Dye) to mind vs. a professional design firm to which I, as a potential client, will be entrusting my corporate identity.

Go with the law office approach: Partner, Partner & Partner.
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I love naming threads.

Visual Wellness Partners
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Tell it like it is:
Meretricious (showily attractive yet cheap and insincere)
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Pantufla- Why do you assume this is a joke?

Lobstermitten- The overall psychology and method of the studio is still being discussed, but without giving too much away, it will be more multi-disciplinary, experimental, and process focussed. Most likely we will be primarily concerned with Publication Design. The studio is based in Australia.

The trouble is that I feel most studio names are pretty disconnected from what they actually do. Really simple and straightforward names like 'Words and Pictures' which was something that I originally really liked, seem to be taken already by some pretty awful organisations. Other studio names, or agency names seemed to named after their founders or partners, which I find really disconcerting because I dont want any future employees to feel like they are just cogs in some cult of personality.

I personally dont have any trouble with just a good sounding name that meets the criteria I set above. But again, finding a balance here is so hard!
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My favorite design studio name is Mine.

"This website is Mine(tm)"

There's an idea behind it. It seems to carry through all the communication.

Show your brand savvy by coming up with what you want to stand for and naming from that.
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Infinitewindow - I head someones email the other day which was TheSerifSheriff, which I just loved. T2 is great, but its a tea company here. Pretty good stuff.

Strawberry Viagra - That hurts. Im sensing some hostility in this thread...

Dread servants of the unspeakable is just amazing though...
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Big Bootie by Design

Hole in the Head Graphics

We Couldn't Think of A Name Studios

Homo Studio

On Your Wife We Have Designs

Dessert Topping & Floor Wax Graphics

Mad Marty and the Martians

Graphic D, the Rapper of Disaster.

Suckage Studio

Two Men and a Dildo Design

Creative Mess

Mars needs Designers

Uranus needs Designers

S'up yo?

Blaring Trumpets Design

Please help! We will bake you cookies

Remember this statement when a client wants "help".
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For the love of all that is good and holy, pay a trademark attorney to make sure that you're in the clear with your name.

I ran a graphic design firm in the late 90s named "WAM!design." Turned out WAM!NET (now SAVVIS), of whom I'd never heard, was unhappy about that. We got a cease-and-desist ten months after launching the business. We spent thousands rebranding the business. It was a debacle.

We came up with lots and lots of name ideas before we came up with our final, Munk & Phyber, Inc. (And we paid $1,200 to make sure we were in the clear with that name.) The best name? "Pixelshim."

Go for it. I won't sue you.
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Brandon, I think you have a range of T-shirts in your future... My lawyers will be in touch with an offer.
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Barone Waste Management, Graphic Design.
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Most likely we will be primarily concerned with Publication Design

I do publication design, hire me! Or at least fly me in for an interview, I'm in the States, it'll be not that expensive, right, RIGHT?

Anyway, just imagine these with Design or Graphics on the end.

Rock, Scissors, Paper

Blue Ink



Rolling Press

Dead Tree

Magenta Trees

Burnt Wood

Ink Stained Fingers

Linotype (oh wait...)

Sans Servants

Sans Sense

Sans Talent

Moist Pudding (umm...)

Page Down

Cut, Copy, Paste


Document Setup

Whole lotta Words

Herd of words (great logo possiblities)

26 Letters

Consant Vowels

The Bowels


5 vowels

Blue Scarf

Sometimes Y

A, E, I, O, U


The Dictionary

Hot, Buttered Pancakes

Who's Your Daddy Design

County Morgue

Alphabet Sandwich

Toe Tag

Eye Chart

Creative Tongue

Sloopy Kiss

Sugar buzz

Upper Case P

All on 4

Don't Print

Boliva Marching Powder

Not Micro OR Soft Design

Chef Michael -- POW cooking up design for you!

I prefer chocolate chip cookies.
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Brandon- Is Pubilicious pronounced how I think?
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Can't stop, help me---

We hired the stingray


Paul the Pub Paul

Wally the Word Worker

Don't Move To Iraq

72 points

Spineless Zombies

The Monsters of Publication

League of Super Designers

Designers Assemble!

Pretty Pubs

Monkey Shockers

The Language of Design

Open chest Design

Schlock the Monkey

Would you like to buy a vowel?

Red Letters

Printing Sucks

Manual Feed


Curly Quotes

Roo the day


Kangaroo Kourt Kreative (dig those initials!)

Red mob
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Far, Out & Associates



C MYK Design (pronounced See Mike Design)

is not studio
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Brandon- Is Pubilicious pronounced how I think?

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Sweet Jesus, I'm sick--

Is not a pub

Red pen

Digital Kangaroo

Sweet Meat

is not a mess

I design for Jesus

Jesus Loves Me, Not You

Going to Hell


26 letters in a box

Random Glyphs

The Glyphinators

Kill the words

14 letters and a picture

1,000 words

Farm raised letters

Big Red Letters

Bright Yellow Pun

Nerds for Words

Word up you

Word to ya motha

Crazy Old Man Jones Mumbles

Sickness becomes us

Page Turner

Pet the Hairless Cat

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Are you sure you are in the right line of work Brandon?
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Are you sure you are in the right line of work?

Yes. When you're brainstorming, no idea is too stupid.

That and the high heels were killing my ankles, so no more stripping.
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(First principle: think of whomever your clients might be, and be sure the name you like wouldn't be embarrassing for them to have on their product/ to recommend to others!)

A few thoughts, though Brandon has put us all to shame:

Forward Tinkering

Kinetic Print

Play Pen

Pencil Machine


Low Slung

Two by Two


Lab Coat


Fat Fish

any of these, ...
+ Design Emporium
+ Design Collective
+ Design Studios
+ Designs
+ Studios
+ Labs (because, you're experimental, yes?)
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No hostility intended - but if you decide to set up in Australia or the UK, it may be teh bomb design studio name. I'd use a studio that didn't take itself so seriously over some of the more earnest options above and I'm constantly employing designers.

Hell, when I saw a hairdresser in London that called itself "Don't worry it will grow back" - I seriously considered getting a mullet mohawk (even though I'm bald with a hairy back and fingers).
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Joe's Designer?
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Harold's Crayon

Purple Crayon Studios

Magic Mirror Designs

1000 Words

Lightswimmer Studios
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PerfectBound Media


Kern Studio

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Spec Media

also, altho i'm sure they're already copyrighted--



: >
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