What do you want for Christmas?
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What's an all-purpose gift for around $100?

At our annual holiday party, instead of exchanging gifts or secret Santa-ing, we've decided to raffle off a cool gift and donate the proceeds to charity.

I'm looking for for one or two gifts totaling around $100 to $150.

The guests will be thirty-something urban professional types. Winner might be a guy or a gal. Got any ideas? It's for charity!
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Amazon gift certs. The regift potential is huge.
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I'm a thirty-something urban professional type and I really would like a wine chiller, a subscription to a beer of the month club (the link just goes to a random site I found via google, so I can't vouch for any of them), and I would LOVE a gift certificate to Elsewares or Uncommon Goods.
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Oops, Elsewares. Sorry, I don't know what happened there.
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-Gift cert's for local restaurant, coffeeshop, nice bar, best lunch place near your office, etc
-Gift cert to Zingerman's or comparable gourmet food place. Zingerman's also has cheese-of-the-month, and other of-the-month clubs, if you don't want gift cert.
-Tickets - theater, sports, dance, etc. (depending on location these might be more expensive than you're after)
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Almost anything from Firebox.
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nice sheets. a gift basket might be kinda cool too because it has so much stuff in it.
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Other services that urban professionals use and might like paid for.... although, maybe these are too boring to be a fun big-ticket gift:
-Dry cleaning
-Cellphone service
-Subway pass
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Aren't mp3 players the standard for this type of thing? Or do too many have them already?
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A power drill. We are the Ikea generation -- we need power drills. They're my standard gift at weddings.
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My wife and I take the whole family to a Christmas concert every year.

We pay substantially less than $100 per person, and everyone gets to have fun together and look forward to next year.

We also arrange to have dinner at a restaurant near the concert hall before hand, and that's nice too.

The concert is usually 3-4 weeks from Christmas itself (this year it's this Saturday, one month from Christmas to the day), and when our brothers and sisters see us on Christmas day, they thank us for the tickets.

Also, if you buy more than 15 tickets or so, you can usually swing a pretty generous discount. It's worth it. That's if you deal directly with the venue...I wouldn't know the details if you have to deal with TicketMaster or some other such nonsense.

But that's our little thing. It may not be right for you.
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A weekend at a nearby-but-out-of-town spa/resort/hotel?
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A weekend for two at a nearby-but-out-of-town spa/resort/hotel. Oops.
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How about an iPod Shuffle? List price $79
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A couple of sets of Mikasa Cheers glasses. They come in every style of glass and are very fun and stylish.
So much so, they have become a 'standard' gift that my mum gives.
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If you're getting wine glasses they must be Riedel.

Maybe a set pour blanc et pour rouge.

That will come to about US$80, which leaves you enough to buy two nice bottles of (Australian) Shiraz and Chardonnay.

Now that is a gift that is worth winning, no?

Austrian and Australian together at last!
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Portable Hard Drive
Crystal Marquise Desktop Globe
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Tiffany's has several vases and bowls in the 100-dollar range, and this may be a girls-only thing, but the several times I've given someone a vase in the lovely blue box, the recipient was very, very pleased-- so that's my all-purpose gift, if it helps at all.
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A good-quality saucepan or frying pan (e.g., All-Clad, Calphalon, Le Creuset) would run about that much at most places and will last a lifetime.
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At my guy's office holiday party, fancy candle holders seem oddly popular. Guys like them for their wives.

All purpose gift = massage. Is that too weird to receive (gift certificate form) in public?

Tickets to a big fancy show (e.g. musical theater).

Cashmere scarf, perhaps in gray.
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Apple Store or iTunes gift cards.
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I'd second the Amazon gift certificate; I'd also suggest an iPod, although that's perhaps a little "so yesterday."
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for the great suggestions. We ended up going with the new iPod Shuffle and it was a big hit.

Also, we raised $700 for charity (New York Food Bank).
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