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Know of an online collaborative bookmarking tool for within a closed set of users ? Of course, there's

I'm looking for an online service that will allow my small team in work to collaborate on a set of internet bookmarks/favorites (whatever you want to call them) but within our group only - not open to the public. Sort of like a hybrid between and irows, and equally free and easy to use. Any recommendations ?
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unalog. I've used it and I think it's pretty much what you describe. You can install it locally and it has a lot of the same features as from before the Yahoo times.
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You could share a account and have everyone mark all their bookmarks as private. But if jessamyn's solution is actually meant to do what you're looking for, that's probably better than this hack.
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Unalog looks nice! It's probably exactly what you want.

For completenesses sake, I thought I'd mention a heavier-weight application. IBM Research is working on Dogear, a social bookmarking system for enterprises. I don't know where it is in the productization process (if at all), but you could probably email the devs (great guys, both) and ask what's up with it.
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Response by poster: thanks for the replies. unalog looks great only for the fact that it's closed for new registrations and I don't have the bandwidth to get it intalled and working. dogear also sounds like it could do what I need, but I really need something that's available today that I don't need to install and maintain.

surely there's something that meets what I need ?

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ma.gnolia comes to mind.
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