Make my USB hub work with Windows 2000
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I just bought a USB 2.0 4Port Hub for a Windows 2000 machine with USB 1.1 ports. I'm getting a "This device will not start. (Code 10)" error and none of the devices I plug into the hub will work. I've Googled and found suggestions from installing Service Pack 4 (Which I have already done) to someone suggesting that 2.0 will just not work on a 1.1 port. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm not sure why it's not working given that USB 2.0 is backwards compatible, it degrades to USB 1.1 speeds.

Try this:
Go to device manager > find the USB ports > update drivers.
Go to device manager > find Southbridge chipset > update drivers.
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Actually try tips from Belkin's Knowledgebase first.
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Response by poster: Thanks, riffola, but the drivers are supposedly already updated and no combination of plugging and unplugging works. Funny, though, the green (go?) lights light up during Restart, but then go out when Windows starts to load, as if the hub is not compatible with Windows 2000. I should also mention that when I first plugged the hub in, it and all the devices I plugged into it worked. But, after that first Restart, nothing has worked since.

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strange. have you thought about getting a USB 2.0 card for your machine?

i was having some problems with USB 2 devices and my 1.1 ports, so i put a 2.0 card in....seemed to do the trick.
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Response by poster: I think that will be the solution, th3ph17. Unfortunately for them, I now have a bad taste for Belkin products.
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