Free Wireless in Marathon, FL?
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Where in/near Marathon Key (FL) can I find free wireless?

This year I'm going with my family to Marathon Key for the week around Christmas. This should be lovely. However, the house we are staying in has no internet access (except for dialup, ugh). Normally I would think of this as a great chance to escape the clutches of that series of tubes.

Unfortunately, I'm in my second year of a master's program and have a thesis to work on. So, I'm wondering if there's anyplace (a coffeeshop, a library, even a hotel lobby) with free wireless, where I could work for a few hours three or four of the days I'm there.

FYI: Marathon is about 45-minutes from Key West, where I'm sure there's free wireless. However, the whole family will be sharing one car, so I probably need to stay local.
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I wouldn't know off hand. I never noticed anything driving through Marathon that looked like it would have free wireless.

But libraries in the area include:

Monroe County Public Library
3251 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL
(305) 743-5156

Big Pine Key Branch Library
213 Key Deer Blvd, Big Pine Key, FL
(305) 872-0992

Islamorada is just as far as Key West, so not really an option.
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Marathon is just about the busiest and most populated key besides Key West. I would hope they would have an Internet cafe, even though I can't locate one on Google.

I did find this, if it's any help: Wi-fi Hotspots Marathon.

Not your question but if you are looking for a nice meal I can highly recommend Pierre's. I also love Morada Bay and Lorelei's. Pierre's is a little more upscale and pricey. Morada Bay is next door, owned by the same people, and just as yummy for less cost--just different atmospheres. All are in Islamorada, but worth the drive. Have fun, the Keys are great.
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Florida Keys Coconut Telegraph. Looks like the weirdest internet cafe I've ever seen, but then again, it is the Keys. :)
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Ahh crap, I just noticed the prices at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, internet cafes are probably antithetical to the whole Keys vibe.
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