We're looking for fun things to do in NYC the last week of the year.
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We're looking for fun things to do in NYC the last week of the year. Suggestions?

We haven't been to NYC for a couple of years (wife worked there some years ago) but are going back briefly. Here are some things we are planning to do in late December: see comic art exhibit at the Jewish Museum/Newark Museum, revisit excellent Turkish restaurant in Bklyn Heights, hit Forbidden Planet and Strand Bookstore, see old friends, find a good place that we can eat dinner that also plays live background jazz during. etc. Your suggestions on a good live jazz place as well as anything else fun to do would be greatly appreciated. We live in the South so we're looking to find things we couldn't find there.
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Some of the things that my various Southern friends love to do while here in New York:

Go get sake at an authentic sake bar.

Cruise over to the amphitheater at the East River Park for the amazing view of downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Get pizza at John's on Bleeker Street, followed by gelato at Cones next door.

Get burgers at the Corner Bistro on W. 4th Street.

Spend about 5 minutes milling around the main concourse at Grand Central Station during rush hour.

Eat Tibetan food at Tsampa, on E. 9th Street.

Explore Chinatown for several hours, looking for mangosteens (never successful, but always interesting).

Walk everywhere.
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4) Food and jazz-wise, you could try The Garage, in Greenwich Village.

3) St. Mark's Comics is still around, so you might want to check them out.

2) You could spin the Cube, of course - Tony Rosenthal's Alamo was spruced up a bit last year.

1) If you're willing to trek into Chinatown, you could hoist a brew with jonmc at Manitoba's - which would also be a good excuse for a MeFi Mini-Meetup...

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I recommend this to everyone : Jing Fong Restaurant

It's delicious madness.
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Second the Corner Bistro

For Jazz, I recommend Smoke on 107th St. and B'way. Particularly on Sunday nights.

Visit Little India in Manhattan, on 6th St. between Ave. A and 1st. Or, if you have the time and inclination, go to the real little India in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Visit Harlem and walk down 125th St.

Go drinking at McSorley's Pub (7th St. between 2nd and 3rd)
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Ice Skating!Rockafeller Plaza, Central Park or Bryant Park.
No offense, but I don't get the McSorly's appeal (except that it's next door to a great Burmese Restaraunt.) ... just looks stinky and crowded. I'd much rather go to DBs or Double Happiness or Gingerman.
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Yeah, Gingerman is a better bar, but McSorley's has an "authentic" NY feeling that I can't quite put my finger on. The crowdedness and rudeness of the waitstaff is part of the charm.
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If you haven't been to the Vanguard, it might be worth checking out, since it is the grandaddy of NYC jazz clubs. But since I'm not familiar with the groups scheduled that week at the Vanguard, it might not be my first choice venue. Some other good jazz clubs include 55 Bar, Detour, and Smalls.
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Wow, I didn't know that Smalls had reopened. I remember waiting in that line for several hours to get one of the coveted spots in the cramped basement that was the previous location. And the owner would just hang out and schmooze with the crowd. Looks like the new spot has a full bar, which is kind of too bad, I liked the BYOB policy. Man, I miss NY. Good times.
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