Kenny G originals?
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has kenny g written any original compositions? if so, how many? has anyone ever gone to a kenny g show? if so, would you see another?
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If you check his discography on, you'll see that he's recorded a number of original compositions.
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Jazz legend Pat Metheny has been to a Kenny G concert.

I don't think he plans on going to another one, from what I can tell.
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If you want a first person perspective on a Kenny G gig - read Joe Queenan's America(pg 69), it provides a very detailed account - something that may not be forthcoming here.
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RE the whole Kenny G/ Metheny thing, Richard Thompson chooses sides.
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Can we stay on topic? Metheny's well-known comments about Kenny G's Louis Armstrong necrophilia are totally irrelevant to the poster's question.
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The original songs part of the question is easily Googleable, and the rest is chatfilter.
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