The prices I'm seeing now, they make me weep.
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So what are the other common big sales events/times besides Black Friday? Specifically after next March.

We're moving cross-country March of next year. The move also coincides with a windfall of money that will be used to purchase the necessary items, so buying now and shipping it unfortunately won't work. We'll be getting new furniture (living room + bedroom), a big-screen LCD, kitchen items, etc. The old stuff that we're replacing is being sold, given away, or thrown out

I've never paid any attention to these trends, so please soothe my fragile consumer-ego and tell me that post-Christmas prices will linger long into Spring and there's some fantastic seasonal sale that happens. Lying is encouraged, as long as it involves bears.
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Best answer: Easter Sales.

Watch out for the Easter bear though.

There's also Memorial Day sales, pretty much any 3-day weekend or holiday is going to have some sort of commercialization to it in the USA. Hell, there are even MLK day sales for christ sakes!
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Best answer: I cannot believe you are overlooking the Ides of March sales! They're all over the country! They often feature some of the finest bears and bears accessories. I would place your best bet on one of those sales, they're just the tops.
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Best answer: Well, there is always Bear's Day.

Seriously, though, don't sweat it. Black Friday sales are never as good as they seem. They are last year's model, a unit without some key feature (I think it was Best Buy that last year was selling a laptop WITHOUT built in wireless!), or a model that is having a price drop coming up anyway (so the sale is more like 20% instead of 50%). You may have to be a little bit patient and a little bit of a savvy shopper, but you can find things you like at near (or sometimes better than) Black Friday prices year-round. The real advantage of Black Friday is that all the deals are going on at the same time, in the same place. It's just more spread out over the rest of the year.
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Best answer: At the end of every third month, many stores will have their largest sales (March, June, Sept, Dec.) to boost their quarterly sales figures.

Dollar day sales usually have good deals on health and beauty and stationary items... Post March, I think the next big dollar day period is July.
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Best answer: Shopping the Seasonal Sales. I think with the Internet, retail is less seasonal now, but these are the traditional sale times.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks. The consumer-ego is soothed, if only slightly. Fingers in ears and eyes shut until Spring.
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