I need a wiki without camels.
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WikiFilter: Help me find a lightweight wiki that does not use CamelCase linking.

I'm looking for a wiki to use as a CMS (or, alternatively, a really simple CMS to use as a CMS). I don't want a complicated system with complicated terminology.

The two things I really like about, say, MediaWiki, is the double-click-to-edit and the [[way it can link| to anything]]. I absolutely despise that retarded CamelCase system. MediaWiki's template functionality would be a bonus as well.

(Before you ask: I don't use MediaWiki because it's absolutely horrible to skin. There is no proper seperation of HTML and PHP).

WakkaWikki's forks look good, as far as lightweight and modifiability goes, but all of them are stuck with CamelCased links.

So yeah.. it sounds like I'm actually looking for MediaWiki, but with friendlier code... Any good tips?
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DocuWiki is an easy to use (syntax and skin wise) wiki, geared towards making documentation.
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PMWiki allows you to disable CamelCase linking and I believe MediaWiki does as well - it's an option, not a permanent feature.
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PmWiki is also pretty easy to skin.
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UseModWiki is a very simple and mature wiki implelemented in Perl. You can disable CamelCase linking and use [[free links]] instead. UseMod is one of the older, simpler wiki implementations, and doesn't have many of the features of fancy-pants engines like MediaWiki.
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I think most wikis don't require camel case per se. The one I know is moinmoin, and there camel case is automatically linkified, but you can also do ["Not in camel case"] to make a link, and you can also set it to automatically insert spaces between words in regular links that would otherwise be camel-cased. (At the time of commenting, that link gets an internal server error, but it normally works.)
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