Girl Poops Pants is Fake (right?)
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This isn't real, is it? Please god, tell me all the many reasons why this can't be real. (NSFW)

That can't happen, can it? If I were that girl, I'd be on suicide watch right now. This is a serious question - my mental health is at stake here. I just feel so terrible for her. Also, IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANY OF US AT ANY TIME.
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Looks to me like it was just added in with photoshop. Pretty poorly too.
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It appears fake just from the video (which for those who do not want to watch, show a woman in a hot tub with a couple. She has a pained face and then a bloom of brown water erupts from around her and the couple jump out). The bloom seems to spread way too quickly and seems to be an effect. Could be wrong, but it screams "gag".
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Without the jets on, I don't think the, umm, stuff would diffuse to such a large volume so quickly. It looks like a simple 2-dimensional airbrushing of a more complicated 3-dimensional phenomenon.
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Comments from digg:

If you need proof that it's fake, look at the black girl's reaction. She's horrified before she could possibly know what happened. The other girl and guy did a great acting job, tho.

If you watch the Quicktime version, you see her put her hand back there right before it happens, then she looks at them all and smiles .... then it goes. I usually don't call fake on these ... but this one looks bogus. Watch the quicktime version ....
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Let's think practically about this for a second. Under what circumstances would someone set up a camera to shoot people in a hot tub like that and get decent (enough) lighting and sound? Professionally.

So that leaves two choices:

1. It was done specifically for the humor/shock value and is therefore fake
2. The poor woman was caught on set with the runs. So why don't we hear a whole lot more reaction from the crew or get more realistic responses from the others? Because it's fake.

You can hear someone off-camera, and I can't believe they would've had nothing else to say while it was going on.
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Looks very fake to me. A bad Photoshop airbrush job, way too fast. Also: Way too painful a scene to be funny (even as a fake).
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My guess is that it's fake. For what it's worth, the explanation/cover story I heard for this one is that it was a porn video shoot and they were getting ready to shoot a scene in the hot tub, etc...
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I would also guess that if it were real it wouldn't spread and then stop so suddenly, but rather keep spreading.
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was this necessary
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let's assume it's real for a moment.

any producer worth his salt will blast the internet with a branded version the moment he becomes aware of this having leaked. know that poop video? my show! we all remember verne troyer pissing on that vh1 show, right? the thing will be eluded to in promos, there will be a website for the show touting the 'infamous scene too disgusting for tv' and so on.

if it's real, you will see it. in fact, you should already be seeing it. if it's not ... well then it will just remain a little video on the web everyone is guessing about.

(and if it is part of a commercially funded production and the person at the big red handles fumbled this pr-bonanza, say hello to him or her when you see them behind the starbucks counter.)
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Looks fake to me.
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At first, I thought she was too far out of the water at the moment when the brown cloud appeared for it to be real, but then I noticed that you can see the brownness falling down from her backside when she's getting up just then. So I vote real. The fast diffusion is because she got water up there from a jet. That's my hypothesis. I know the jets aren't on in the shot, but they must have been!

Because, when I was a kid this almost happened to me. I got poked in the browneye by one of the jets, not for long, but long enough to make me know I had to go - rightfuckingnow! I'm classy, so I got out of the tub and into the appropriate room before I spooed. The girl, however, is trashy as well as impatient.
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