How can move between blog software?
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(Blogfilter) I've had a BlogHarbor blog for ages and want to move all the posts to TypePad. Problem is, BlogHarbor exports an XML file that Typepad can't recognise.

So I've had a BlogHarbor blog for 2 years and in that time have racked up a lot of entries, but since I've got a Typepad Pro account for running other blogs, I want to move my BH blog to Typepad. BH's export function creates an XML file, and when I try and 'import' Typepad refuses to play ball. I've had success using KBCafe's RSS to MT tool, but obvious the BH blog's RSS feed only picks up the last 20 posts or so... Anyone know of any converters that can make my XML file more TypePad/Movable Type friendly?
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What does Typepad recognise? Any XML file can be quite trivially transformed into another kind of XML file -- or any text-based file -- but before we do that we need to know what Typepad wants. What does "refuses to play ball" mean? What do the Typepad support/help pages say?
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Best answer: I work with the TypePad team, and I know our support team has moved people from BlogHarbor before. If you have a TypePad account already, you might want to try filing a help ticket to see if they have some tools or tips available to assist you.

If that doesn't work, shoot me an email to and I'll see if we can hook you up.
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