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About twenty years ago I borrowed a book from a local library.I cannot remember either the exact title or author and the library do not have a record of my borrowings.It was a newly published large/thick coffee table hardback book filled with rather kitsch and brightly coloured religious pictures created by the author.As far as I can recall she was a Eastern European Catholic nun/sister whose name was used in the title.As in 'The Thoughts of Sister X'.It would make an old man very happy if he could track down this obscure volume.
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What do you mean by pictures? Paintings, illustrations, photographs?
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You also might be able to narrow it down if you checked the online catalog of the library you borrowed it from (if they have a catalog) and checked for oversized books with a keyword of "religious" or "nun" or something. What library was it?
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Was it a book by Sister Corita?
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I feel sure you've already tried these tactics, but browsing the library's art books, and, if that doesn't work, asking the librarian for help with your question, may be worthwhile.
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Here are 256 titles from the religious art section of Amazon with "Sister" in the tittle. Some of the Wendy Beckett titles seem to fit your title description but show to be about 10 years old. She may have older books, or these could be reprint dates.
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I'm pretty sure it's not Sister Wendy. She's not Eastern European (AFAIK) and her thing is art appreciation rather than art creation. If you know the Library, definitely contact a librarian there, and I bet they would be glad to help you out.
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The book is at least 20 years old; some of the books linked above are not that old.

The problem is that Amazon and other obvious online sources don't have it since it's so old and perhaps not been re-printed. I'm not having any luck finding good candidates, my best are longshots. You should probably talk to your library to see if they have records of books they used to have (beginning with the phrase "the thoughts of sister" or "the art of sister" or "the world of sister" etc). Or contact a university art library near you. You might also try emailing; they seem like they might possibly be able to help.

Here are my longshots:
-Sister Mary Corita Kent, an American nun whose typographic prints were popular in the 1960s.
-Gertrude Morgan, an American preacher whose work is colorful and folk-arty. There's a a new book out about her; I'm not sure if there was a book 20 years ago.
-Sister Joanna Reitlinger a Russian orthodox? nun who painted icons.
-This page features a book (published in 2000) called The Prophetic Nun with art from two nuns who don't really sound like they match your description; thought I would include it anyway.
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No joy with any of the above.I'll just have to watch the librarians face fall when I say 'Errrr....I'm looking for a book I borrowed from here twenty years ago.'Thanks anyway.
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