Who is this actor in only one scene in Mystic River?
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In Mystic River, there's a character who only appears in one scene- talking to Sean Penn about how life was when his wife died while Penn opens a case of beers. The actor is older, and has always seemed to play salty sea captains or the sort. I tried searching IMDB but can't figure out his name.
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Hmm, that's a poser. The character, as I recall, is Sean Penn's father-in-law (not sure if he's the first wife's father or Laura Linney's). I do remember Penn calling him by his first name when Penn rips him a new one, for presuming to give advice on dealing with grief. IMDB is no help...he's either Nat Boyle, who is not associated with a character in the cast listing, or he's unlisted...
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Isn't this Penn's father-in-law? (Well, his character's father-in-law...) IMDB doesn't seem to offer an answer in this case. A little googling reveals that the performance is an uncredited one (why?) by Kevin Conway (of which there are two, though I suspect this is the one that your want).
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jdroth, how did you find that? What did you google on?
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Response by poster: Jdroth, it seems that was the actor I was looking for. Thanks!
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I don't recall my exact googlisms. I just tried things like "jimmy markum beer" and "jimmy markum beer law" until I found a summary that looked promising. (It actually said something like "in an uncredited performance, Kevin Conway plays Jimmy Markum's father-in-law".

Sometimes my google magic works. Sometimes it doesn't.
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