Is there such a thing as a website that acts as a Meta Gift Registry, specifically for baby items?
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Is there such a thing as a website that acts as a Meta Gift Registry, specifically for baby items?

I've been reading various blogs and review sites, and I've discovered a lot of great non-Babies-R-Us stores that have what I'd like to get. I'm due in May, and it's the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents. I'd like to set up a gift registry so they can channel their excitement into gifts they know we'd like and will avoid duplicates, but I'd like to find a site that can create a meta-registry: A list of items from a variety of stores that can be updated when items are bought.
For now, this would really just be used for our own listmaking and for our parents to have a starting point, but it would be nice to have it if/when there's a baby shower in the spring.

Does anyone know of any websites where I could create a gift registry out of items from a bunch of boutique stores?
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I liked Baggle
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My wife and I just had a baby 10 days ago. How about listing some of those great sites? Or, my email addy is in my profile.

If you wanted to get kinda jury rigged, you could set up a Google spreadsheet that you could share. Column for item, description, store, quantity requested, quantity purchased. You'd have to rely on your family and friends to keep the spreadsheet up to date, but you'll have to rely on them to do that in stores where they buy registry items too.

Good luck. The first 10 days are a roller-coaster, but I love the little guy so much it hurts.
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We use Kaboodle for our Christmas lists. When you use the bookmarklets, it is super easy to add items.
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Findgift registry.
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It's not perfect, but my family and I use for wishlists.
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I second Kaboodle. Add that bookmarklet to your link bar, and you can bookmark anything anywhere (and change anything you want on the wishlist entry). Plus, your family/friends don't need to sign up to see your list. cha-ching - win/win.
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I had this same need when we had a baby last spring. Couldn't find anything, so I wrote a script to do it myself. It's spartan, but it worked well. My wife registered all over the place, even at stores not online. Our family and friends just checked the stuff off that they bought. It worked so well that I decided to put up a fancier version for public use. Unfortunately, I'm not done with it as I'm doing it in my spare time (ha!) But if you want the original script, then let me know. You'll need a place on the web to stick it. A server somewhere that'll run a perl script.
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I use TheThingsIWant. So far, I love it. It's free and anyone can view your lists.
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Thanks, everyone! I think I'm going to start by giving a try. It appears to be almost identical to but frankly, I like the understatedness of "Find Gift" over "Things I Want".

Baggle and Kaboodle both have a bunch of features, and I may find myself going to them if I don't like findgift.
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