Party ideas for a bunch of cerebral anti-socials?
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What is a kick-ass idea for a party for a bunch of Toronto graduate students?

So, I've been charged with organizing my fellow PhD'ers end-of-semester bash. Typically it's consisted of going out for dinner. Dull.

What would be an event that wouldn't be too expensive and that would allow everyone to socialize? Any idea would need to be accessible (i.e. no stairs or steps).

Some of my Toronto-centric ideas so far:

-Rent a pool and have a pool party
-Have a billiard (another kind of pool) tourney
-Private karaoke party
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Rent a boat for a booze-cruise?
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How many people, gavia?

The Academy of Spherical Arts is absofuckinglutely fantastic for parties like this. Endless pool, decent food, good beer.
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Response by poster: Well, in theory it could be as high as 60, but more likely to be around the 30-40 mark.
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I recall from my days at U of T that the accepted practice for holiday parties in the anthropology department was to put a keg or two in the middle of whatever space we could get access to, and open the drinking to all comers.

Of course, you may want to go a little more upscale than that (really, it was basically one step away from the Brunswick House).

Rather than going out to dinner, why not just rent out a bar for the evening? The city has plenty to suit every taste and need- some even have pool.

There are also numerous Karaoke spaces downtown, but not everyone in your group may be keen on the enforced singing aspect.
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Also, what's your budget? Buyout of a bar or restaurant will come with F&B minimums. Bear in mind those minimums are always negotiable (you'll get a better deal on what is normally a dead night for that particular place), and always come before tax & gratuity.
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