Help (with) Darfur?
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Where can I get up-to-date statistics about the crisis in Darfur? (My GoogleFu must be home sick today, because I can't find anything.)

I'd like to have information about the number murdered, the number who have starved or died of disease as a direct result of the crisis, the number raped, and so on. I know there is much debate about the true numbers of lives at stake here, so I know there won't be anything definitive. I tried the UN website and any number of sites that came up on Google, but most statistics seemed to date from sometime in 2005.

I have an idea in mind for an ongoing public awareness project, so I need numbers that will be updated as the crisis continues.
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I really like
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Thanks 4ster, great link. I'd love to find something like the Iraq Body Count, but I'm guessing that doesn't exist for Darfur.
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Another great resource on Darfur is Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Although I think that you won't find any counts as comprehensive as you would like. There is just too much in the way of ongoing refugee displacement, and the humanitarian space for groups like MSF who are best equipped to provide "good" numbers is shrinking rapidly due to ongoing violence in Chad and Sudan.
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Try this it looks a little closer to what you are describing.

Specifically (which I found via that site):

Hope this helps.
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OK, upon further review, still not exactly what you want, but hopefully helpful.
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