Good vegetarian food in central London?
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Restaurants that serve good vegetarian food in central London?

By good I mean food created with vegetarians in mind - not merely a token dish with the meat removed.

By central London I mean within reasonable walking distance of the touristy areas.

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well, what's your budget? If it's limited, then I'd recommend the Indian veggie buffet on Chapel Market near Angel Tube (I forget its name but you can't miss it once you're on Chapel Market, it's lit up like a Christmas tree). More centrally, there's a vegetarian Indian place on Marchmont St near Russell Sq (Bel Poori House) which is cheap.

I'll have to leave recommendations for more expensive places for others. I'm not veggy but I dine often with veggy friends. Wagamama (several branches in the centre) is also a good veggy choice.
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the Chapel Market buffet is £2.95 per person, by the way, for as much as you can eat. And it's nice food.
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Drummond Street up by Euston has a range of south Indian restaurants. My favourite is Diwana. Benches and plain wooden tables, bring your own, but completely veggie with the best Dhosa ever. I'm not a vegetarian (any more) but I still make a point of visiting there when in London. It's bring-your-own-booze so if you want that visit the off license next door first.
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My vegetarian friends rave on about The Gate but it is in Hammersmith. You would need to take a tube from zone 1 for about 15-20 minutes.

Any decent restaurant should have a good vegetarian selection of food. Those that simply have a token dish with the meat removed tend to be within walking distance of the touristy areas.
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you'll like Leon (not far from oxford Circus)

also food for thought in covent garden.

also - if you like burgers, the lovely gourmet burger kitchen chain does a very good range of burgers for vegetarians.
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Riverside vegetaria in Kingston is lovely (has won "best vegetarian restaurant in the UK" before, IIRC), but well off the beaten track. Worth a trip though - get the train to kingston or surbiton from Waterloo, the area is quite nice to stroll around.
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It depends what kind of food you want. Rasa has delicious Indian food. Try Maoz for fresh, delicious falafel.
Tas is good for Mediterranean food, several central locations, the "Ev" one under the arches is really nice.
La Porchetta has delicious pizza and several locations.
It's really easy to find great vegetarian food in London- what kind of food do you want, and how much do you want to spend?
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Best answer: My two favourites are Eat and Two Veg on Marylebone High Street and Mildreds in Soho (on Lexington Street).
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Best answer: Eat and Two Veg seconded. And Masala Zone near Carnaby Street does fantastic vegetarian thalis.
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Not exactly central but Manna in Primrose Hill is excellent.
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Have a look at the list here or Time Out's-- all price ranges covered.

Not on the Square Meal list but friends recommend Yauatacha for veggie dim sum goodness.
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There's a Country Life restaurant off of Wardour Street in Westminster. I totally hate the Country Life here in Boston so I never went there, but a lot of my friends love it. It's self-serve and there's no pepper on the tables because it's run by Adventists.
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Seconding Yauatcha and Food For Thought (Food For Thought is entirely vegetarian.)

Near Covent Garden in Neal's Yard, the World Food Café is also entirely vegetarian and lovely.

Govinda's in Soho Square is also entirely vegetarian, cheap and run by Hare Krishnas. Hurrah!
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When I lived in London as a student and vegetarian, one of my favorite places was Chelsea Kitchen on Kings Road, near the Sloane Square tube.
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Third for Food for Thought.
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Response by poster: The conclusion: we went to Eat and Two Veg and had a great time and a lovely meal. I will try the other recommendations as I get the chance. Thanks everyone!
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