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I didn't realise that the green sphere top-left on a Finder window was to Zoom - now I have zoomed in too far on my Applications window so I have a long, thin, single-icon wide strip of a Finder window and I cannot reach the resize control handle in the bottom right. How do I permanently resize this window to a more normal size? I have a MacBook.
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Click on the green sphere again.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 12:55 AM on November 16, 2006

I assume he can't see the sphere. I bet there's a keyboard equivalent, but do not know what it is.
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If the window is a single icon wide, I doubt he/she can click the green sphere.

1. Make sure the window you need resized is selected.

2. Select window from the menu on the top of the screen.

3. Click Zoom, to un-zoom.

[pic attached]
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To piggy back shamelessly, is there a way to attach a keyboard shortcut to toggle zoom? I know you can do command-h for hide/show, but nothing for zoom....which drives me crazy.
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In later versions of OS X, Any edge of the Finder window is grabbable; try moving the window until the controls are accessible.
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Shameless Piggyback #2: Is there any way that I can make ANY edge of a window become a resize handle, instead of just the lower-right corner? My Linux and Windows desktops work this way, and I assume there's probably some enhancement I can download to do the same for OS X.
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rsanheim, since Mac OS 10.2 (or thereabouts), System Preferences' "Keyboard & Mouse" pref pane includes a tab titled "Keyboard Shortcuts". In that tab, you can setup a shortcut for a menu item, such as "Zoom". You can even set it up for any one app (like Finder) or for all apps.

In that tab, go to the very bottom of the scrolling list. Look for "Application Keyboard Shortcuts".
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There's a program I use called Mondo Mouse that does the some of the Linux-y mouse stuff with windows. It allows you to set modifier keys to resize or move a window from anywhere inside it, as well as do some other stuff too.
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WindowDragon is free.
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