Flash card programs for Windows ...?
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What is the best software out there for making, printing and managing large numbers of flash cards?

I'm involved in some rather memory-intensive academic work at present. I've been experimenting with various Windows flash card programs, but haven't yet found anything that I consider to be a killer app.

My ideal program would be professionally coded (as opposed to some of the dreck I've found so far), incorporate some basic drawing tools and/or allow external image placement, support importing of cards from Excel and/or CSV files, and have sophisticated printing and card management capabilities.

The closest I've come to a decent solution is WinFlash; it unfortunately feels like it was written by an 8-year-old with a mediocre grasp of Visual Basic.

Suggestions? Pointers towards more general "knowledge management" applications that include flash card functionality are also appreciated.
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I hope this isn't way off, but I've used http://www.flashcardexchange.com for many of the flashcards in my classroom. I know it's online, and you were searching for software, and so probably not what you're looking for, but I've been pretty impressed by it.
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Not a standalone program, but you might try www.quia.com
It's a subscription site for teachers, but they offer a 30 day free trial. The site allows you to import lists via CSV files, but the output is a set of 'virtual' flashcards instead of the real thing. There's an option to print the cards, but it's not very elegant.

FWIW, any cards that you create using the free trial remain available indefinately...you just lose the ability to edit them.
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