Where can I buy fancy sausages online ?
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Where can I buy fancy sausages online ?

My in-laws have recently moved out of state, out of the San Francisco Bay Area. They are German foodies and are missing the type of fancy meats and sausages provided by Drager's and the like.

During our last visit, they mentioned ordering some meats from a retailer, which they said they liked, but was too expensive to do regularly. I thought it would make a nice Xmas gift.

Of course they didn't mention a name .. and my vegetarian self has no prior knowledge of where to buy this stuff. A gift basket would probably work. Is there such a thing as a Sausage of the Month Club ?

They have a taste that goes toward Euro-Cosmopolitan. Any suggestions on where to get this kind of thing online ?
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This is probably not exactly what you're looking for, but Zingermans has some sausages available. No sausage of the month club, but they do have monthly bacon deliveries.
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Mirepoix USA has some delicious-sounding sausages.
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The slightly annoying Food Network show 'Road Tasted'
visited a place in St. Louis Swiss Meats,
looked pretty tasty to me.

Every place they visit has some sort of Mail Order available.
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Kramarczuk's Sausage Company in Minneapolis does mailorder and has a great reputation among my friends, but as a fellow vegetarian I can't vet this...
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Oops, looks like their 'virtual store' is out of order. Sorry.
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Germandeli.com. Their outlet/shipping center is near me, and I finally went in a couple of weeks ago. Everything we bought was fantastic.

They were also really nice people, so if you have any questions I'm sure they'd be happy to help you. (Please buy things from them so they don't go out of business. I have developed an addiction to their pinkelwurst.)
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Morant's in Sacramento are IMHO the best sausage makers in northern California. they and Top Dog in Berkeley will ship fresh sausage, I think.
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Why not head down to Los Altos to Dittmer's Wurst House and let them help you out? Great sausage.
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The Bavarian Sausage Kitchen here in Madison has wonderful, homemade wursts (and other German meat specialties) and they ship. Their fresh beer brats are pure summer heaven, grilled and served with curry ketchup.

I recently bought some saucisse deToulouse from a vendor via Amazon; they were very good and the price was on the high-end of reasonable.
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