Help me sort out Thunderbird & Gmail.
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Gmail-with-Thunderbird filter: I've recently switched from a local ISP with Netscape mail to Gmail with Thunderbird. I love the switch but for two minor irritations - the conversation-based mail creating constant duplicates in my Thunderbird inbox, and Thunderbird continually thinking my emails are scams. Help?

The obligatory explanation: I use web-based gmail at work, and then come home to download my mail on my hard drive. I end up with TONS of emails from myself, and while I can, of course, just transfer these to the 'sent' folder, it creates extra work that I often don't get to, creating clutter somethin' awful. Also - Thunderbird thinks all of my Livejournal mail is a scam - any way to tell it that all email from that domain is fine?

Yeah, I know technically this is two questions, not one. But, y'know... 'take two, they're small', right?
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1. Create a Message Filter that shunts all email from yourself into the Sent folder. Tools > Message Filters.

2. Have you tried adding the livejournal email address to your address book? This should work so the emails aren't marked as spam, but I'm pretty sure it also prevents them from getting marked as scams also.
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Why do you keep Thunderbird at all? I love having everything in Gmail. It's the only email application I use. Whenever I find a browser, I've got my mail.
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After you've created the message filter (I named mine "Mails sent via Gmail web interface") you can run it explicitly on your existing Thunderbird inbox to tidy it up automagically.
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Scam detection sucks right now - I asked the same question on the MozillaZine forums. No, there is no whitelist. Shut it off till they upgrade it.
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Why do you keep Thunderbird at all?

I use the same system as the asker - I use TB because I prefer having a non-web-based email client since it's simply faster and easier to use, plus I still have an archive of my emails and contact list in case my net connection goes down or Google's servers die. The only thing I find myself preferring in Gmail over TB is the 'conversations', but apart from that I'd use TB all the time if I could, but for the moment using TB at home and Gmail at work/on holiday/etc is working great.
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I'd go with the message filters as well. "Create a Message Filter that shunts all email from yourself into the Sent folder. Tools > Message Filters." Sometimes I get oddly composed messages that wind up in that folder as well, but it works.

Why use Thunderbird when GMail has all the features needed? Four words: Portable Thunderbird bypasses websense. I have Thunderbird on a USB drive so I can access my mail from work, school, library, etc. And so that the filters work on it. Plus, it's simple to make a backup of my 2GB thumb drive in case something happens to my drive.

Thunderbird Portable + GMail + USB drive + Filters = email pwnage.
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