Which Colbert Report showed fake "macaca" video?
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Which Colbert Report episode had a video clip supposedly showing the person Sen. George Allen called "macaca" wearing a name tag that said "macaca" and being happy to be addressed as such? I'd also appreciate a pointer to a clip if one is online.
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It was just a couple days ago
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Best answer: It was on the 11-02-2006 show.

It's really odd that you asked this question, because I am actually watching that very episode in Democracy Player at this very moment (I have a hort attention span, so I read MeFi while watching TV at the same time).
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Response by poster: melorama, thank you so much!
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S.R. Sidarth completely owned that title, from the very moment it was flung at him by that posing tool Allen. I have nothing but respect for Sidarth, and nothing but contempt for Felix.
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Colbert Report's most recent videos, but I didn't see the clip.
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Best answer: It's right here.

Also know as, "Colbert Report: The Path to 11/7"
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thanks a lot comedy central for only allowing windows media player. and i'm way too lazy to load parallels for 1 minute long colbert clips.
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I am so glad he lost. God that was offensive.
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