Is there a Buddhist equivalent to mass cards?
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Mass cards. Can I get an equivalent type of thing for a Buddhist prayer service? (more inside)

In Catholicism mass cards are sent in when you want to dedicate a mass or another type of prayer service to the memory of someone recently deceased. I need to do something like this for a friend who's (Buddhist) relative just passed away. Can someone point me in the right direction? Is this even an option?
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i can't point you to a specific source, but look in your area for the printers who do mass cards. if you can't find one in the phone book, call a funeral home; they will be able to help. if there's a funeral home involved already, they're your best source.

look for a design that doesn't include a saint. the printers usually have a sunset or flower design. then talk to this printer about what you would like to have printed on the back. it may cost more because you will be getting away from their standard verses, but i wouldn't think it would be much, as most of the information on the back will be the same: name, dates, interment site
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