Emulation on an iMac, I want to get all of my old Nintendo favorites...
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Recent switcher with iMac Intel Core Duo (purchased new in August). I have been trying to get some emulators up and running, but have really run into difficulties. I was able to accomplish this years ago on the PC, but the Mac hasn't proven as easy as I thought.

The Question is please recomend some Emulator and Rom sites and also advise as to what to do once said items are downloaded to the desktop. Please be specific because I am not sure what part of the process I am messing up. Please help!
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Best answer: emulation.net is a good place to start if you're browsing around for OSX emulators. It turns out that most of the higher-quality OSX emulators are ports done by Richard Bannister.

"...advise as to what to do once said items are downloaded to the desktop."

Install the emulator. Read the emulator's documentation as to how to use it. Place your downloaded ROM images or disk images into the appropriate place suggested in the emulator documentation.

You might also want to consider not downloading to the desktop -- that's a recipe for a lot of headaches sorting through all the junk on your desktop. Try creating a Downloads folder in your home directory and using that instead.
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I use Bannister's emulators for everything except:

- SNES9x for SNES
- DOSBox for DOS
- sixtyforce for Nintendo 64 (it costs money, but it's worth it)
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You are in luck because MAME just got ported over to Intel Macs.
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Best answer: Good news: MAME OS X was released yesterday.

Most Mac programs are just download-and-run. If you're having problems, you'll have to be more specific in order for us to help you. (Exactly what did you do, and exactly what problems did you see?)
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I was looking into this recently.... DOSBox is not working well under OSX yet, and the authors were confused about why. Apparently, someone fixed up 0.63, but his changes weren't rolled into 0.65, and it sounds like nobody else really understands what he did.

From what I gathered, there's some oddity in OSX where a common x86 technique causes an OS exception instead of the desired result, but the DOSBox team doesn't seem to have access to OSX for testing. It has, however, been six or eight weeks since I looked, and they may have fixed it by now.

Basically, at this point, I just stick to emulation under Windows. I assume the OSX stuff will get fixed before too much longer.
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You might want to be more specific about where you're having trouble, but I found that the ROMs I downloaded (from sites in the first few hits on google) had .7z extensions. This is a format that OS X doesn't normally handle. However, you can use the Unarchiver to open these files.
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I installed the new Mame OSX and couldn't figure out where to put the ROMS so that the Mame program could find them. Any tips? When I open Mame, it just has an empty drop down box....
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According to this thread, the ROMs should be in "Documents/MacMAME User Data/ROMs/" in your home folder. (See the thread for a way to change this.)
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