Where do you buy an AC power adapter? In this case, Input: 120V, 60Hz, 18W // Output: 9VAC, 1000mA
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The power adapter (Linksys Power Adapter AD 9/1C) for my Linksys router died last night. I discovered that the obvious places (like Radio Shack) don't carry AC power adapters. Where does one go for a replacement?
Input: 120V, 60Hz, 18W
Output: 9VAC, 1000mA
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Have you tried contacting Linksys support?
posted by MegoSteve at 6:09 AM on February 3, 2004

Radio Shack does carry AC power adapters...
This will probably work for you.

Radio Shack model number 273-1680, if you want to go back to the store and try to ask for it again ;-)
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Oh. wait. AC? crap. ignore what i just said...
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Have you looked here?
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Weird. I just bought an AC power adaptor from Radio Shack last week to replace the missing one for my minidisc. I was impressed that it had a swapable connector too.
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BobJordan, are you sure that the output is 9V AC? Other than the BEFSR41, all the router spec sheets on the Linksys site say DC. I'll bet that the BEFSR41 spec sheet (is that the router you have?) is a typo. Call Linksys and ask (and ask if they'll sell you a replacement adapter).

If there is a mistake on the power, then the link yeoz suggested might work. I'm wary of the "up to 1000 mA" spec on that adapter, though. It might be able to deliver that much current at one voltage setting, but not others.
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Response by poster: Linksys was of little help. If it were under warranty they could send a new one. Since it is out of warranty, they won't even sell me one.

The router is the Linksys BEFSR41. I am positive that it is (9V AC). I have the dead adapter sitting on the desk next to me.

I took machaus' suggestion and ordered a replacement from Jameco. I'm not sure the unit I ordered has 18 watt input, but a co-worker with an electrical engineering degree said that the output (9V AC, 1000mA) was the most important consideration.

Thanks for everyone for the help!
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My 2pence worth. I work with voltages and wattages quite a bit and I have yet to come across any AC less than 120? ...and that is only because we sell to America. 9 Watt DC sounds more likely. sounds like a battery voltage.
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